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Recibos y facturas de Brasil

Does Airbnb issue an invoice or receipt?

When closing an operation through Airbnb, the system will automatically generate a receipt, which is accessible in your profile on the Airbnb platform. This receipt has no effect for tax purposes, but you can use it to prove your reservation and payment.

Airbnb will only issue an invoice for the Airbnb service fees (NFS-e) in accordance with the legislation in force and under the terms of the Special Regime Authorization - SEI no 6017.2021/0025032-5 published by the municipality of São Paulo.

Attention: Airbnb will not issue any invoice regarding the total value of the accommodation.

How to print Airbnb's receipt/note?

In your Airbnb user profile, you can view all receipts for all operations already carried out via the Airbnb platform. To access them, simply follow the steps below:

For Hosts

You can access your individual receipts for each booking.

To access a booking receipt:

  1. Go to the Today tab and click Show all to access your Reservation (you will need to access your account on a computer or browser)
  2. Click Details on the reservation you want
  3. Click Print to view and print the details of a reservation

To access your bulk booking receipts:

  1. Go to Menu and select Transaction History (you will need to access your account on a computer or browser)
  2. Click Export to CSV to download the file

For guests

To access your booking receipt:

  1. Go to Trips and choose your trip (you will need to access your account on a computer or browser).
  2. Click Your Accommodation Booking. If you are already on your trip, you may need to click on the check-in date.
  3. Click Get Receipt.

You can also receive your receipt via your booking confirmation email by selecting Payment Information and clicking or tapping Get Receipt.

A link to the receipt is also available in the email receipt, under the Airbnb service fee.

To learn more about the reservation, review the billing receipt. If you believe you need additional documentation to travel, we recommend that you communicate with your Host before confirming your reservation to see if they can help.

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