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Las mejores actividades en Laval

Descubre la ciudad a través de los ojos de sus habitantes. Encuentra las mejores actividades, lugares para comer y recibe consejos invaluables de la gente que vive ahí.

Farmers Market
“A great place to get fresh groceries. Enjoy the food stands at the back of the market . ”
Recomendado por 913 habitantes locales
“You can stop at the bar/restaurant called l'Espace Lafontaine in the middle of the park.”
Recomendado por 735 habitantes locales
Restaurante de poutine
“When you want to eat a Poutine and it's 4am? Go to this place! Good poutine, 24 hours!”
Recomendado por 562 habitantes locales
“185 acres of native & exotic flora, with 10 themed greenhouses & a Chinese lantern garden.”
Recomendado por 372 habitantes locales
“If your looking for the best smoke meat sandwiches, this is the place to be! ”
Recomendado por 450 habitantes locales
“Wonderful journey through many climates in many domes adjacent to the Olympic stadium”
Recomendado por 289 habitantes locales
“A family-friendly destination known for its nature museums, open-air events, and winter activities. There you can: Ascend the Montreal Tower Swim in the Olympic Pools ”
Recomendado por 292 habitantes locales
“Gorgeous and huge park, perfect for walking, jogging, going swimming or picnics!”
Recomendado por 303 habitantes locales
Tienda de bagels
“There are two types of bagels: New York style and Montreal. In Montreal there are two bagel houses that started the tradition. St. Viateur is my favourite bagel place, chevy, deliciously sweet, and great flavours, freshly baked 24/7.”
Recomendado por 324 habitantes locales
“One of the best brewery Montreal has! It gets pretty crowded because its been there for 20 years now and its super popular, and not too big. Its worth to wait a little to taste their great selection of beer and share a nachos in an unpretentious bar. ”
Recomendado por 267 habitantes locales
Tienda de bagels
“The other contender, with St-Viateur, for best bagel in the city. Maybe try both? ~35 minute walk ~ 20-25 minutes on the bus (55N up St-Laurent) ~15-20 minute Bixi (shared bike service)”
Recomendado por 286 habitantes locales
“Park life is huge in Montreal - and if it's nice out you can expect to see everyone out having picnics.”
Recomendado por 261 habitantes locales
“Many Montreal festivals and concerts are there (jazz festival, francofolie, just for laugh, etc.). Only 20 minutes away, take the bus 129. It's also just a nice place to visit with lights and fountains.”
Recomendado por 204 habitantes locales
Lugar para desayunar
“It is one of the BEST brunch place in Montreal. I Suggest you go there earlier in the morning to avoid a huge lineup. ”
Recomendado por 186 habitantes locales
Restaurante vegetariano/vegano
“Famous vegan resto is known for their végé salad bowls. You can expect an outdoor line-up unless you are lucky! ”
Recomendado por 215 habitantes locales
Theme Park
“It's the Six Flag in Montreal! Theme park for thrill-seekers, suitable for even young kids because they have all type of rides.”
Recomendado por 156 habitantes locales