Experiencias únicas en Tanzania

Experiencias únicas en Tanzania

Reserva actividades inolvidables que la gente de la zona ofrece en Airbnb.

Todas las actividades cerca de Tanzania

Crea joyas tanzanas
At our workshop, you will get the opportunity to experience a day at Afrikan Wear Design. After your arrival, we will give you an introduction to our history and what we do. You will get to know the team and take a look at their work process. After that Mama Hokororo will sit down with you and teach you how to make Tanzanian jewelry which you can take home afterward. Following that you get the chance to experience real Tanzanian lunch. We are happy to organize your transport from your accommodation to our workshop, just let us know before that this is what you wish.
Swahili Lessons from Local Women
Learn some Swahili with the girls at Lifted Strong - a local non-profit organisation which supports young women to break the cycle of poverty through empowerment and advocacy for their wellbeing. The women running the class are native speakers and will teach you the basics of Swahili. You will have the opportunity to interact with the girls and ask questions while learning the language and culture.
Moshi: ruta en bici a las aguas termales de Chemka para nadar
Happy New Year 2024 OFFER. CYCLING, SWIMMING AND RELAXING. Our experience is based on cycling Mountain bike through lough road and the swimming of warm water. We will take you to hotspring by cycling. On arrival at this oasis of its kind you will spend a few hours soaking legs in warm water as well as swinging on the rope and drop into water from the highest height,relaxing in shade watching flowing of clean water. You may also having your lunch which are made around this area eg Nyama choma, Chips and eggs. You can not find any where in the northern part of Tanzania except in Kilimanjaro. Better experience before/after Hiking Mt Kilimnjaro or Meru,Safari and Zanzibar beach holidays. we offer public transport pick-up from MOSHI,ARUSHA BUS TERMINAL(Our own cost) and Private Car ONLY from KILIMANJARO AIRPORT (JRO) your own cost. More option if you are looking for Mt Kilimanjaro trekking , Safari and Zanzibar Beach for arrangements. Visit our Website:SAFARIPARKSOUTREACH WELCOME
Paseo histórico y cultural por Stone Town con un lugareño
Join me or one of my team guides on this insightful walk, within the hours invested in the tour you will gain a great understanding of the architecture, culture, daily life and the fascinating history of Zanzibar's world heritage site, and its significant areas, buildings and historical sites. You will soon notice how Zanzibar’s cosmopolitan roots blend with African traditions to shape its unique culture. Other things to note: The tour duration is not limited to 2 hours, depending upon your interests it can be more or less.
Excursión de un día a Ngorongoro desde Arusha
A day adventure to the famous Ngorongoro Crater. The main feature of the Ngorongoro Conservation Authority is the Ngorongoro Crater, the world's largest inactive, intact and unfilled volcanic caldera. The crater, which formed when a large volcano exploded and collapsed on itself two to three million years ago, is 610 metres (2,000 feet) deep and its floor covers 260 square kilometres (100 square miles). Estimates of the height of the original volcano range from 4,500 to 5,800 metres (14,800 to 19,000 feet) high. The crater floor is 1,800 metres (5,900 feet) above sea level. The crater was voted by Seven Natural Wonders as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Africa in Arusha, Tanzania in February 2013. The Ngorongoro volcano was active from about 2.45 to 2 million years ago. This is a must visit place when in Arusha and I shall make you have a lifetime experience that you will always remember. Tour available everyday of the week, contact for availability if the day you want to take the tour is not listed.
Tour por la ciudad de Arusha a pie
Hello! Starting with the meeting point known Clocktower having an amazing and unique history of the place will be familiar for some time . T hen a head straight to Mwenge tour where Arusha declaration was done by our firat president Mwl. julius Nyerere with Abeid Karume the fist president of zanzibar, on the way we will pass at the Ngorongoro building known as the head office of conservators. Having pictures and relaxing a while at Arusha declarations then we will have a walking to an oldest market since we were colonized by German and now is called central market that selling vegetables, fruits taking photos with chagga mama and maasai mama also we will take a walk to Maasai curious where maasai handcrafts are made and sold hope you will buy some. If you still have energy we will walk to a big mall in arusha known shoppers mall to buy different staff for your own, this destination it depend if still have enough energy to walk. Thank you for choosing our experience.
Dar es salaam de noche
We can start the night at 9.30pm at a nice chill relaxed lounge or bar area (around Mikocheni or Masaki) for a meal if you would prefer where you can have some of our famous tasty meat, there will be options of Nyama Choma and Mishakaki these are skewered meat(chicken/beef/goat)marinated in some spices and cooked in a hot bed of coal served with lime and hot chilli, seafood will also be available .For Vegetarians please inform early so I can plan ahead. Then we can head to the Masaki Strip, where we will first pass by one or two famous bars to start off our night . And then we can also check out the clubs too, so come with close toed shoes, depending on the night some events might require entrance fee, that shall be covered. Then we shall head to oyster bay area and check out the beach bars. We shall party the night away with afro beats/hip hop/reggae/ pop music. For Sunday bookings we shall be going out at the Mbezi Beach area, we will meet at a bar around mbezi beach and then head to the beach bars around the area Other things to note Just have your GPS on it will help in maneuvering through different locations, and Uber also help. Also carry a phone charger and if possible have a fully charged power bank. And Don't walk around with your passport, , also please carry enough money for food and drinks, as I only offer drink coupon of TZS 15,000
Cook a traditional Tanzanian food
First, we talk about the traditional food of Tanzania and decide what to cook. Then we go shopping together with the local mamas at the street shops. We talk about the origin of the food and how to get a good price. We continue to the butcher. Then we return to the café and prepare the food together. As we cook the food we talk about the Tanzanian kitchen and which part food plays in Tanzanian life. We talk about the different tribes, and their different traditions in regard to food. After making the food, we eat together at our roof top terrace with views over the life in Usa River Other things to note PLEASE NOTE THAT TIPS IS NOT INCLUDED – THE TIPS IS THE ONLY SALARY FOR THE VOLUNTEER GUIDES
Nature's Embrace -Choma Waterfalls & Uluguru Mountain Magic
Join a bucket-list African adventure. We'll be hiking to Bondwa, one of the three peaks of Uluguru Mountains via a lessor known and more adventurous route. Once on top you will have a wonderful view of the forest, hills, dam and towns! We will get a rare opportunity to trekk along the the forest and on the way we will stop to see a number of monkeys especially the white colobus monkeys jumping from one tree to another. Also we will see different species of birds and enjoy their songs as well we slowly conquer the Bondwa peak. At the peak we will enjoy our lunch! Along the way we will have short stop at Morningsite, a hotel built by Germans in 1900s but it is now in ruins. Its architecture is amazing and you will also get to have a photo opportunity of Morogoro town from this point. Throughout the roughly 11-hour hike, we'll share the history of the area with you, from the precolonial era to arrival of Germans and their defeat by British and the current cultural festivals "Vigodoro" There will be some steep/exposed sections along the route. We will be assisting you with scrambling up these steep parts if required. Other things to note Is the hike hard? This hike is rated "easy" by majority of our clients. We take it slow, and rest often to ensure it's enjoyable for all skill levels.
Paseo histórico en bici por Usa River
We meet at the Hobby Fast Food – our non-profit café. On the first part of the tour we pass churches and mosques along Old Moshi road. You hear about our early history with influence from the Arabs and colonist,.We turn South and pass Usa’s drainage system and rice fields. These were established in the 1970’s as a cooperation between Nyerere (our first president) and China. After a stop under a 100 years old Mango tree, we continue and pass an Ethiopian settlement, the result of the friendship between Haille Selaisse and Nyerere – the first President of independent Tanzania. We continue through small villages until we reach the old railway. Then we ride to the old railway station with the beautiful view of the river, have a little break under a Jacaranda tree. Here we talk about the German and British, and how the colonial times have affected us. The rest of the way a drive through along avocado farms and coffee trees. We make a stop at our plot, where we grow our own organic vegetables for café. We continue and discuss foreigners in Tanzania. After the trip we have a soda at Cafe Hobby Fast Food, driven by volunteers from URYDO. Then you can buy bites or order delicious local food and eat at our roof top terrace with views over the life in Usa River – even Kilimanjaro, if you’re lucky. If you want, you can book lunch in advance.
Trail hiking to beautiful waterfalls and coffee tour
My name is Johnny I'm Tanzanian i was born here in Kilimanjaro at Materuni village. I'm chagga by tribal. Materuni village is the last village before Kilimanjaro National park. Once you will visit my village you will register at the village office after that youre tour will begin is 45 minutes from the office to the waterfalls. On the way to the waterfalls you will see bananas and coffee plantations and learn more about my culture and the life of the villagers not only that but also to see Moshi town view point and spectacular view of mount kilimanjaro. After waterfalls you will get back and have short break while you waiting for coffee lesson and you will learn how coffee is processed picking, driying, pounding, roasting, grinding up to drink in local way. Youre mostly welcome.
Tarangire National Park Day Trip
We will collect you from your hotel in Arusha and following a 2-3 hour drive, you will arrive at the Tarangire National Park. In this region, Hemmingway often went on big game hunting safaris. After the formation of the national parks in 1970, they turned the seasonal marshes and the endless savannah that one sees today into, once again, profitable hunting grounds. Today, however, cameras thankfully have replaced the elephant guns. The Tarangire National Park has the highest density of elephants in North Tanzania and you can view these animals all year round in which the herds often can reach an impressive number of 300 animals. The Tarangire River has water all year round and during the dry season, between July and October, many animals from the surrounding areas come to the river for drinking. If you visit the park during the dry season, you will witness an unforgettable natural wonder as you can observe wonderful creatures such as lions, giraffes, buffaloes, wildebeests and zebras as well as various types of antelopes and gazelles and with a little luck, you can also spot a python! This area is during the dry season also a haven for bird watchers with over 550 different species including the Masai Ostrich -the world largest bird. Around lunchtime, you will stop at a suitable picnic place before the afternoon is dedicated to more wildlife watching.
Visit a Coffee Farm
Join us for an unforgettable coffee and local cuisine experience at the local farm in Ambureni village near Mountain Meru. Learn the history of coffee plantations in Tanzania, get in touch with local culture and farming traditions at our delicious gastronomy tour. On the farm, among magnificent serene jungle, you will personally handpick beans from the coffee plants, and our stuff will guide you through each step of coffee making. Then later you will have an opportunity to try a large selection of traditional Tanzanian dishes prepared on the bonfire by local mamas. Finally, finish off with a cup of delicious, fully prepared by you, African coffee.
Traditional Tanzanian Cooking Class
Cook with the girls at Lifted Strong - a local non-profit organisation which supports young women to break the cycle of poverty through empowerment and advocacy for their wellbeing.Customers can choose which recipes they want to learn including samosas, fried and/or cooked bananas, spiced rice, chapati, ugali, fried bread (maandazi), half cake, cassava, sweet potatoes, and more. After learning how to cook, customers will enjoy a meal with the mamas.
Una clase muy especiada
Spice farm tour with Zanzibar cooking class. You'll start the day at a local market Darajani in Stone town for ingredients shopping, afterwards head to the spice farms, farm tour + learn about the spices, then proceed to a cooking class with experienced local chef. Available for all dietary options i.e Vegans - vegetarians - gluten free etc.