Experiencias únicas en Rumanía

Experiencias únicas en Rumanía

Reserva actividades inolvidables que la gente de la zona ofrece en Airbnb.

Actividades con las mejores calificaciones

Recorrido gastronómico por los barrios bohemios y el mercado
Ours will be a cultural excursion set around good food, and architecture — just as any food tour should be! I will first introduce you to two of my favorite neighborhoods: The Armenian Quarter and the Jewish Quarter. This area simply screams Bucharest with its multi-cultural history, amazing hidden gardens, and 19th century eclectic architecture. We'll make several stops on the way, including an achingly cool ruin bar for a Romanian platter with a story to tell. We may suggest some great Romanian Craft beer for you to get alongside this spread or traditional appetizers. And because the best way to know a city is through the belly, we'll hop on a vintage tram and journey to the city's liveliest market: Obor. Well hidden inside a brutal communist neighborhood, surrounded by utopian blocks of flats, this very old market truly feeds the soul and gut of Bucharest. Someone told me once that beer makes history better, that's why we'll start our exploring at the nice people of Terasa Obor to get a few tasty and very famous "mici"- Romania's proud meaty contribution to the world of mouthwatering street-food. Vegetarians will not be disappointed either as local cheeses and fresh vegetables will complete this rustic feast. Other things to note Please let me know of any dietary restrictions at the time of booking. Check up on the meeting point before the tour, or else write or call and please be on time. Don't hold back with your questions:)
Experimenta la dictadura comunista
En este paseo de 3 horas, aprenderá sobre los principales puntos de referencia y eventos en la historia comunista de Bucarest, los inicios violentos del régimen comunista, la nacionalización y la demolición forzada de miles de casas, la Casa del Pueblo (actualmente, el Palacio del Parlamento), el dictador Nicolae Ceausescu y su megalomanía, y la sangrienta revolución anticomunista de diciembre 1989. Este experiencia cuenta la historia del conflicto entre dos mundos: un Bucarest brutalizado bajo el régimen comunista y el Bucarest pacífico y próspero del período de entreguerras. Aprenderá por qué Bucarest es una mezcla tan sorprendente de estilos arquitectónicos muy diferentes, cómo cada régimen ha dejado su huella en la ciudad, cómo se veía la ciudad y por lo que pasaron sus habitantes en su vida cotidiana bajo el comunismo. Revivirás las emociones de la Revolución anticomunista y la caída del Telón de Acero. Exploraremos: > El magnífico Palacio Bragadiru y la cervecería abandonada Bragadiru > Barrios históricos de Cosbuc y Uranus > Monasterio de Antim, el Convento de las Monjas > El Palacio del Parlamento (la historia) > El antiguo Bulevar de la Victoria del Socialismo > Antigua sede de Securitate
Bucarest sobre dos ruedas
We meet close to Herastrau Park, in the Press House Square parking. It is a good point to fit our bikes, have a short presentation and start riding. We are visiting Herastrau - the largest garden of the city, then we head south along Victoria Boulevard. We will stop at the Arch of the Triumph, Victoria Square, Revolution Square, Romanian Athaeneum and University Square. Each site has its story and you can take photos. We will continue our trip to the old city center and have a drink on a terrace. Then we are coming back to the starting point, visiting other sites of the city. As we are flexible, we can organize pick up and starting point at your hotel or in another suitable place in the city. Other things to note: Be sure you know how to ride a bicycle. Bring your smile and ask lot of questions, I would be happy to answer.
Recorrido por el cementerio y la historia oscura de Bucarest
Come on over to the dark side...of Bucharest. Travel back in time through stories of a turbulent past and explore the less savory aspects of its history, from the bloody battles fought between Vlad the Impaler and the Ottoman Empire in the Middle Ages, to the "Little Paris" era of the early 20th century, and on to Communist times, undoubtedly one of Romania's darkest chapters. Visit the oldest cemetery in town, a beautiful final resting place with an eclectic collection of funeral monuments ranging from astoundingly beautiful to bewildering, and hear stories that will make your heart melt and your hair curl. Explore a former luxury brothel famous during the golden age of 'Little Paris', and hear stories of famous courtesans who stole the hearts of kings. Find out about our own 'Jack the Ripper', dubbed the 'Vampire of Bucharest', who had a penchant for blonde waitresses and terrorized the city in the early 70s. Finish the adventure in the Revolution Square and learn about the hardships of daily life under one of Eastern Europe's most brutal totalitarian regimes, as well as the struggle of the Romanian people to free themselves from oppression through the Revolution of 1989. Other things to note Not recommended for children aged 16 and under
Recorrido de arte urbano y grafitis
Step off the beaten path and join us for an alternative tour exploring the city’s street art and graffiti, to get a unique introduction into the fascinating history of one of Europe’s most intriguing capitals. This tour is designed with adventurous, alternative travelers in mind who are looking for an unconventional, fun, and colorful way of experiencing Bucharest. We’ll take you through charming backstreets and hidden corners, where you’d never guess you’d find fascinating street art and beautiful 19th century architecture, hidden away from the tourist trail. The highlight of the tour is discovering murals and street art in the most unexpected places. Then go on to discover secret summer gardens, hip local hangouts and more captivating architecture.

Todas las actividades cerca de Rumanía

Descubre las impresionantes leyendas de Sibiu
Sightseeing and walking around Sibiu is a nice way to spend a day... but do you know all the secrets and stories of the places you see? Every town has its legends and Sibiu is no exception. Join me in a tour around town focused on legends and stories that few people know and even fewer people share. Trust me, it will be fun! :D Additional information included in the tour: - I will teach you some expressions/saying in Romanian - Recommendations and suggestions on what you can also visit in Sibiu and in the whole county. - It's an open question tour, so don't be shy in being curious. Ask me anything you want. *BONUS*: "Sibiu, a city of firsts", a secondary tour, is also included in the experience. So, it's 2 for the price of one. If you are in town and can't see an experience scheduled, just write a message and maybe we can work something out! :D *If you want a personalized offer with different activities (maybe countryside walk, fortified churches, guided tour of the Astra Museum or anything else that might be of interest for you), we can come up with special offer.
Descubre el verdadero espíritu transilvano
Prepare yourself for an initiatory experience where you can rediscover yourself. We will start in a 2,3 hour hike on the mountain, through the forest, in an authentic Transylvanian image. We will go on the path of one of the most spiritual places on the planet, the royal chakra of Romania, the Sambata Valley! It is the road that leads to Father Arsenie's Cave, The Saint of Transylvania. There we can meditate, pray and connect with nature. In this place, you,ll find a landscape that awaken your soul. Then, the movement through the clean air of the mountain makes you hunger ... Very good because we will go to the Sâmbăta Valley Chalet where we will eat. We’ ll have an authentic Romanian meal and at the same time we have another wonderfull landscape of the Fagaras Mountains and The Big Window of Sambata! The return journey lasts for an hour and a half, while the last impressions can be made. Of course, we’ll make a lot of pictures and stories with Carpathian landscape. In this tour you’ll know everything you want about our histrory, culture and faith, you’ll have the opportunity to drink one of the cleanest waters in the world! So, clean and free water in our way. We’ll have the opportunity to know yourself and to discover The Truth with your own senses and I’m glad to be your guide. Other things to note Tourists should have the utmost necessary. Any issue that appears later can be resolved here calmly. Crises are opportunities that usually leave beautiful memories and unforgettable moments.
De la garganta Zarnesti a la cabaña Curmatura en bici eléctrica
We will start in Brasov with a short drive to CHALET GURA RIULUI situated at the base of MOUNT PIATRA CRAIULUI where we will fill up our water bottle with fresh mineral mountain water from BOTOROG FOUNTAIN , a natural water spring . We will start riding along beautiful canyon dug into the mountain from ancient times and we will admire the flora of this amazing stones . After passing the canyon the virgin forest of the Natural Rezerve PIATRA CRAIULUI it will be displayed in font of our eyes . Next the forest paths will show us the way to CURMATURA CHALET where we will get after passing few little mountains rivers . We will reach the chalet at altitude 1470 m where magnificent mountain view will appear behind the spruce forest . After a cold drinks brake and a session of picture taking a descent full of adrenaline will get us from sky to earth . Other things to note For this bike ride you need to have a moderate fitness level on mountain biking . The ebike will assist every person on climbing the mountain roads but you need to know that is a demanding ascent .
We will e-bike ride through unpaved roads that pass some saxon villages situated in the Region of Transilvania : VISCRI , MESENDORF , CRIT . You will jump back in time , hundreds of years ago , and you will see the saxon villages and their fortification and also e-bike ride through the forest path that surround them . If we are lucky, we will see some peasants working their land as they once did, with the domestic animals from their backyard . Other things to note Be prepared for a spectacular ride back in ancient times Please note that is a nnorning activity
Poiana Brasov & POSTAVARU hut on ebike
Choosing this tour you'll get the chance to ebike ride on the most spectacular mountain roads that go through the forest which connect the beautiful town BRASOV with well known mountain resort POIANA BRASOV. With an ascent of 500 m we will reach 1100 m altitude , the place where POIANA BRASOV displayed its mountain beauties .After a short ride at this level we will ride upper at 1600 m altitude where await us POSTAVARU CHALET (built 1883) where we will have a nice , cold drink . From there nature splendor will be displayed in front of our eyes . On a long descent we will get to the open meadow where the ones they are passionate can have a short picture taking session with wonderfull horses are running there . A little adrenaline we will get on the descent back to town . Please note that during nnarch ; april and beggining of nnay the ascent fronn Poiana to the top is by cablecar as is still snovv up there
Revealing the secrets of Cluj
Join me in revealing a lesser known face of Cluj. We'll walk through the historical part of town, reading the architecture and animating it with the lives of people past and present. We shall walk across the town chronologically, exploring how new layers were added. I can offer a standard or a customized tour, depending on your preferences. I will bring along visual material, to make everything clear, because a picture is worth a thousand words. We'll also visit places with a view, to further grasp the extent of the town. Usually after we finish the walk, we can grab a drink at one of the local friendly cafés to get to get immersed even more in the local culture.
Turul obiectivelor turistice din Transilvania by Adrian
Hey, Hey, Hey ... Wellcome to Brasov... When u are here don't miss the oportunity to see the hystorical site Dracula's Castle and RâșnovCastle. 1. **Dracula's Castle (Bran Castle):** Step into the legendary world of Count Dracula at Bran Castle. This iconic fortress is not only a place of myth and legend but also a well-preserved piece of Transylvanian history. Explore its eerie chambers, stunning architecture, and breathtaking views of the surrounding Carpathian Mountains. 2. **Râșnov Castle:** Just a short drive from Brasov, Râșnov Castle offers a glimpse into medieval life. Climb the hill to this ancient fortress and enjoy panoramic views of the picturesque town of Râșnov and the surrounding countryside. Explore its well-preserved walls, towers, and the fascinating history that surrounds this place. Both castles provide unique experiences, from Dracula's mystique to Râșnov's historical signific On returning to Brasov, we stop near the White Tower and start a walk towards the Black Tower, Schei Gate, Rope Street, Jewish Synagogue, Black Church and Council Squere, where the tour ends. The walk lasts 45 minutes and is approximately 1.5 km. During the walk, the host will tell you about the history of the visited objectives and some legends related to them. In order for the tour to take place, the participation of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 people is necessary.
Osos pardos, castillo de Bran, fortaleza de Raznov y pálinka
I'm Vlad the tour Guide (not The Impaler) and I'm ready to guide you through the biggest brown bear Sanctuary in the world. Over 100 bears are living in a wild-like environment. Each of them has a different story. Find out how brown bears live, why they're so popular in Romania and what you should do in case of an unexpected encounter in the wild. Wolves, deers and other animals can be also spotted in the Sanctuary. Next up, we switch from bears to bats as I will lead you through the Bran Castle! We will tackle Dracula's legend and differentiate myth from reality! Insider access into Queen Marie's elevator as well as Torture rooms can be included! Last but not least, I'll give you a taste of the traditional Romanian spirits, with insider access to a local distillery. Here, you'll taste the famous 'Palinca' a 100% natural spirit made out of plumbs, apricots, cherries, peaches, quinces, grapes and more. Be prepared, there are various flavors to choose from! Extras: Depending on availability, we can extended the tour to include the Peles Castle. You can inquire about this option with the help of the messaging system. Important: Entry tickets to the Bran Castle and Bear Sanctuary are not included. I can help you purchase them online, after you book the experience, or we can grab them on the spot, on the day.
Discover Instagramable Bucharest w/ a dream photoshoot tour
Take your unique souvenir of your time in Bucharest! Get to know the historical Bucharest by taking professional photographs in the most instagramable places! I'll point out interesting things you won't find in a standard brochure! I'm your Bucharest local friend who just so happens to be really great with a camera & knows the coolest/randomest things about this gorgeous neighborhood! No problem, if you cannot pose, you don’t have to. I will guide you through everything, relax you with fun stories and historical facts, and the result will be natural, cinematic photos that look like they would be part of a movie. I'll help you build the self-confidence you need and help you take advantage of your potential. This experience is perfect for couples, small friend groups, families and individuals who love to experience the authentic Bucharest lifestyle! Other things to note: Don't hesitate to create the outfit that represents you the most and fell the most comfortable yet beautiful in it! In case of rain, if you're staying a bit longer, we can try to reschedule the shoot. Or just let's go for an adventure in the rain. Check out my instagram: @immortal_shoots!
Pubs, Bars & History - the Tipsy Tour of Bucharest
Please message me in case the tour is fully booked - there usually are a few extra spots available, but the Airbnb group limit is 10 people. During this experience, we will be exploring Bucharest and its history, while stopping at some of the best and most interesting bars the city has to offer. From rooftop bars to local pubs and the best beer spots in Bucharest, we will cover all types of awesome places. As we walk between locations I will make sure to: inform you of the history of the city, point out the most popular bars/cafes/restaurants/hang-out spots, and tell you as many interesting facts about the Romanian lifestyle as possible. During this experience, we will be covering all the important attractions, the most photogenic spots, the most beautiful streets and squares, and some of the hidden gems located in the heart of Bucharest. On this tour, we will be trying local (all produced in Romania, and most of them produced especially for the locations we will be stopping at) alcoholic beverages such as: - Brandy (Palinca) - Cherry Liquor - Local Wine - Local Beer +Traditional Snacks and other optional drinks The cost of the drinks that we will be trying along the way is around 17EUR/85RON (NOT INCLUDED). You do not need any cash along the way, as card is accepted in all of the locations we will be stopping in. Drinking at any stop is not mandatory, just recommended.
Taller de pintura étnica rumana
You will LEARN about: * 16-19th century painted furniture from Transylvania * various types of traditional painted furniture from different ethnographic areas of Transylvania You will CHOOSE from 4 wooden items which one you want to paint: * tray - 29 x 18 cm * clock - 21 x 15 cm * box - 10 x 14.5 x 7 cm * wall hanger - 33 x 9 cm You should let me know a day before the class if you want a different color than shown in the photo. You will PAINT: * apply the base color * transfer the pattern on the working surface * paint the flowers Take home a TREASURE from your Romanian trip that you made yourself that you can display in your home. You'll have a memory to share and smile about. Other things to note Never painted before? Don't worry! I will help make your piece look good. You're a painter? Enjoy my expertise and ask for more challenging techniques for your piece.
Paseo a caballo por los alrededores de Cluj
You will need to get to the farm by car, rental or taxi, as it is situated in a remote corner of the city premises. After your arrival and a short introduction you will get a helmet and have a familiarization tour with the horse. If this is your first horseback riding experience, don't worry, all the basics will be presented at your own pace. After everybody is saddled in, we will start our out of the ordinary and relaxing experience to the top of Cluj. This is an outdoor tour and we will be riding thru the hills and forests above Cluj and admire unique views. The ride circuit lasts about two hours but you should allocate at least three hours, as life at the farm is not always working around the clock.
Tras los pasos del oso en los Cárpatos
,,Watching bears at the observatory is a must,, a guest wrote for me.. and ,,once in a life time experience,, another traveller said. We will meet in Brasov at the picking point Poarta Schei . From there we will go by car in between 30 and 40 minutes to the wildlife territory . The visit is taking place in the wild in a remote forestland area. We will be waiting for bears to pup up at any time in the opening in the evening from inside a specially design observatory . The guide is a forester and the bears are wild. The guide will be focused on the trail, sometimes communicating by gesture or using short words or transmitting behavior restrictions to assure success of the visit. Silence is crucial once inside the observatory. Bear Watching is a waiting game. Chances are high around 80% and the distance is suitable for filming and photographing . The experience is friendly for children more than 7 years old but is not disability friendly. The passionate guide will present You all kind of details about the bears and the animals there providing information and interpreting their behavior. The visit will end usually after two and a half hours , returning back to the cars and back to Brasov, occasionally in dark conditions. Other things to note Please send me a message before booking to assure that everything is just right and I am not to far away to reach You
En patinete eléctrico por el casco antiguo de Brasov, con guía
Explore the old town of Brasov while riding an electric scooter. This provides added mobility allowing you to cover up to 15 km and visit up to 30 landmarks. We start in the central park. After a short training, everyone gets a few minutes of free riding to get used to the escooters. Then we begin our route. A private local guide will lead the group and provide valuable live info with the help of our wireless audio guide system. You will be prompted about hidden gems and get info about the included landmarks. Learn about various legends and myths that are popular even nowadays. Bonus: taste one of the best ice creams available in Brasov, Italian-like! Spectacular photo stops for your social media accounts are also planned! Other things to note: Tour start times can be adjusted in case of special requests. Don’t hesitate to inform us if you would like to start sooner or later as scheduled.
Paseo por el bosque
It will be a special Safari Walk in Nature . The experience will start in Brasov. A 20 minutes drive( pick-up) will take You in the luxuriant forest. A mild forestry road or a trail will carry us for a couple of hours underneath the canopy. The trail has many stops, and shows of natural wonders inside the forest like a live documentary where the traveler will explore and get involved in the activities. The guide will share his scientific knowledge and experience about the environment in a professional and original way. Trails are chosen according to Your interests or needs ( wildlife, birds, flowers, relaxing or sightseeing). Trails are simple and this is an activity suitable also for families with kids or seniors to enjoy! Halfway or on the way the guide will choose a special place where You can stop and taste local treats (cheese, cakes, drinks, or other ) The return trail will complete a different itinerary to our car, giving You the chance to explore more nature. The experience will end will end dropping You in Brasov. Other things to note Please send me a hello message before booking or after You booked to assure that everything is just right ! I spend lots of time in nature ! My kind regards !