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Discover Fukuoka's NightLife
We'll start the tour by heading to a local bar where you can enjoy original seafood and other Japanese-style tapas, made with fresh ingredients sourced from all over Kyushu, paired with your choice of drink, including beer, whiskey, sake or the Kyushu favorite, shochu. Then we head to a popular, locally-loved yatai food stall. It's often difficult to know which places have the best food and value for money, but there won't be a problem with my help. These food stalls are a feature of the Fukuoka streetscape, and about half of the existing yatai in Japan are in Fukuoka City. This is a unique experience that's hard to find anywhere else in Japan. Choose from a variety of specialty foods, including Fukuoka's world famous tonkotsu ramen, made with rich pork marrow soup. *Yatai food stalls may close on strong wind, snow, or heavy rain days. In that case, we will go to an alternative location. Please understand that a Yatai food stall visit is therefore not guaranteed. *For vegetarians and those with food allergies Please let me know before booking. *Meals & drinks are not included in the tour fee. *Your tour booking will be canceled if you are more than 15 minutes late to the meet-up point. The tour fee CANNOT be refunded. See the AirBnB cancelation policy for more information.
Retratos con aires de Fukoka
NOTICE: Just casual wear only. 私服限定でのご参加です。 福岡に観光でお越しの方、出張で時間ができて福岡を歩いてみたいという方などお待ちしています。 I am going to take you to some places to take pics. I hope you will feel more Japanese atmosphere in this experience.I am going to teach you to How to get in and get out for shrine.Also how to make a wish for shrine. You are going to be model in this experience.However almost natural style photo experience. Sometimes I will give you instructions for poses.I will take you to explore the hidden gems in the Nakasu area, an old fashioned Japanese downtown, while I capture through my lens some portraits from you.During this photo session we'll go around an amazing shrine as well as an old fashioned backstreet. I will send you photo data by email And this is important NOTICE about photographs. You will get natural exposure photographs.Not use Flash. So take natural style photo session.If you want photoshop or want like a studio photo. Please understand about these NOTICE.Natural photo exposure is Japanese Photo style. If you want to take pre-wedding photo.Please search these words on websites. Feel So High! Wedding Pre-wedding photo based in Fukuoka Other things to note Bring your smart phone or DSLR. Because I will take you to backstreet of Fukuoka. If you want take photo just take your time. Drink if you need
Cocina japonesa en casa
First, we walk around my neighborhood of my house to feel the local atmosphere, visit a local shrine in the forest. After that, we cook Japanese dishes (usually sushi and tempura, but can be flexible). A matcha green tea experience is also included. Other things to note: I have two cats at home, so if you are allergic to cats, please think carefully before making a reservation. Vegetarian dishes are optional. I can be flexible with the starting time of the class, so please feel free to ask me for a change in starting time.
世界一の温泉街を 私たちは地元の人が知っている場所を中心にご案内! 別府は世界でも有数の温泉地です。 蒸し湯や足湯といった変わった温泉も試していただけます。 コースはあなた達、一組一組にあわして趣味や年齢によりあなた達だけに合わせて組み合わせてフレキシブルに変更できます。 夏でも快適にいけるようにスタートは、16時から。 カフェでは、かき氷や夏のスイーツも楽しめます。 まずはメールして頂けましたら歩きながら場所によってはタクシーを使いながらのコースを作っていきます。 さらに興味があれば、 この町の絶景写真スポットや神社やローカルマーケット。 地元の人々が知っているだけが知っている蒸し料理のお店やお寿司や海鮮やあなたに合わした料理屋さんも案内します。 ベジタリアンの方もビーガン対応店を利用しますのでご心配要りません。 どの季節でも楽しめるコースをご準備しております。 まずは海地獄を歩いて 自然の青い温泉を見て日本庭園を楽しんでいただきます。 温泉街の鉄輪温泉を歩いて 地元の食材を使った地産地消、 の蒸料理を楽しみましょう。 イチオシの美しい貸切温泉を堪能! 一番人気の貸切の温泉に入浴してもらいます。 蒸し温泉などもありますので。当日説明します。 地元でしか味わえない温泉体験をぜひどうぞ!! そして温泉の後は、日本の和菓子を楽しみましょう。 カフェでゆっくり。。 温泉の後ですので、水分補給を忘れずに!! お子様連れの家族でも、カップルでも、 お一人でもお楽しみいただけます。 待ち合わせは初めのアクティビティの海地獄前になります○ 当日が一人の場合は歩いて回りますのでご了承ください。 お時間は、天気や季節により一番心地いい時間に調節もしてますので、そちらはご予約後に連絡差し上げます。 ご希望のお時間などもありましたら、連絡頂けましたら、合わせる事も可能な時もありますのでお知らせ下さい。
ようこそ FUKUOKAへ ! 私は、米、野菜の農家で育ち、青果店、レストラン勤務の後、15年まえから、料理教室を開いて家庭料理を教えています。 私は旅も大好きで、外国を訪れると、観光地よりも、食文化や家庭料理、台所、スーパーマーケットのことに興味があります。 旅先観光用やレストランではない食は楽しいですよね。 海外からのお客様からも同じようなリクエストをもらうようになり、この料理教室を開催しています。 ゲストは、日本の伝統的な味噌つくりを体験し、持って帰ることができます。 手作りの味噌の香りと味は最高です。 そのあと、旬の日本家庭料理を一緒に作りましょう。 私の家族が作った野菜や米は、美味しいですよ。 料理は、変更になることがあります。 ・土鍋で炊いたご飯 ・自家製味噌のみそ汁 ・天ぷら  ・野菜の一品 ・漬物  ・自家製梅干し ・緑茶 ・日本のデザート 醤油や味噌の種類、日本の調理器具、古い食器や、陶器のことも学びましょう。 私の料理教室では、ベジタリアンやペセタリアンにも対応しています。 食物アレルギーもお知らせください。 *味噌を作らない、料理だけの体験もあります。 *ご希望あれば、近くのスーパーマーケット案内します。 お知らせください。 私のIG @831biyori
Ruta de templos en Fukuoka
After meeting at the meeting point, we will take you to see some hidden treasures. Places, tourists usually won't see. You'll have time to take pictures of many outstandingly beautiful temples and a historical shrine. The temple walk will last about four hours, so please be prepeared and wear sneekers or shoes you feel comfortable in. At the sites you'll feel as if you were in a different time - promise! Enjoy the serenity of the gardens. It's amazing to find such places in the middle of a modern city - you will see. On the way, we will taste Kamaboko (fishham) when passing a small factory that has produced this delicacy for over a hundert years and Hyoko (a typical Hakata sweet). After the walk we will show you the way back to the meeting point. Other things to note: We do the tour with small groups only - 1 - 6 guests, since we like to keep it intimate so we can answer individual questions. The walk is enjoyable even on a rainy day but you'll need rain protection.
Lets play music ukulele guitar lesson in ocean view class
Welcome to beppu! i.m working Online ukulele guitar music instructor for the world! also organise music class here beppu! We can start the music lesson or settion in the ocean view music house! time is u can adjust ur comfortable time. there are guitar and ukulele and other instrument . we can start to drink coffee or tea if u like and start to get lesson. if u like to know special skill u can ask me even before lesson! If you have your instrument also please bring it . If u like to get mindfulness sound healing. i.m playing for u singing bowl .tyinsha.didgeridoo. ukulele.guitar. Let.s having fun in japan with music flow ◎ Other things to note No worry about language no worry about even your experience of music when you come here you will be comfortable and love this place and learn about new staff . you can get free coffee or tea^_^
Ruta por el volcán y ceremonia del té (con bento casero y onsen)
【地元ガイドによる火山ハイキング&秘湯エコツアー(お弁当と野点(お抹茶)付き)】 霧島神宮駅発着。 霧島山の火山と水の恵みを満喫するためのツアーです。 霧島山の麓で生まれ育ったローカルガイドがお供します。 所要時間は約6-7時間。 景色重視、川が見たい、湖が見たい、火口がみたい、ハイキングはそこそこにして温泉をいくつもめぐりたい、などご要望に合わせて柔軟にプラニングします。 サービスとしてカメラで記念写真お撮りできます。 データはスマートフォンに転送可能です。 ●ハイキング 初心者向けから中級者向けまで。 清流が流れる岩場から野生の食虫植物が見られる湿原まで実に様々。 お昼は手作りのお弁当とお抹茶を。 ●温泉 絶景温泉、天然炭酸温泉、極上貸し切り温泉、エンタメ重視温泉、混浴温泉、青い温泉など。 観光客が知らない穴場まで知り尽くしています! (※温泉代はツアー代金には含まれません) 【アクセス】 集合場所は霧島神宮駅です。 その後はガイドの車で移動します。 ※チャイルドシートのご用意はありせませんのでご了承下さい。 ※車がある方はご自身のお車で移動していただいて構いません。 ≪モデルプラン≫ - 10:30 霧島神宮駅 - ハイキング - 昼食 - 野点 - 温泉 - (時間があれば)秘密のスポットめぐり - 17:30 霧島神宮駅到着 【宿泊について】 当方は宿のホストもしております。 前泊、後泊したい方はご相談ください。 【雨天時について】 雨天決行ですが、嵐や台風の場合はキャンセルとなります。雨天の場合のみ、温泉の入浴料はホストが負担いたします。 雨天時のツアー内容は、傘やカッパで軽いハイキング、普段は人気で入れない温泉(雨の日は人が少ないため入れる可能性が非常に高い)、滝を見ながらお弁当、などとなります。
福岡の神社「日本三大八幡 筥崎宮」のある 歴史・文化の漂う下町、箱崎商店街の工房にて、 作陶体験を行っています。 作り手である、若手作陶家が優しく、 作陶を行えるように1対1で指導いたします。 最大3名までの少人数での体験となりますので、 集中して丁寧に指導ができる工房です。 ぐい呑み・和皿・豆皿など、 あなたのアイデアで作りたい焼き物を形に致します。 作陶体験の後は、箱崎のコーヒーやお抹茶と 季節の和菓子をお楽しみいただけます。 ●体験内容: ・2個ほど作品を自由に作れます。 ・お客様のご経験を元に指導いたします。 ・終了後に少しばかりの箱崎のお茶菓子をお出しします。 ●注意事項: エプロンをご準備していますが、 足元などは土で汚れる可能性があります。 汚れても良い服装でお越しください。 狭いですが、着替える場所もございます。 【重要なお知らせ】 作品のお渡しは、約2〜3ヶ月後になります。 焼成後、直接お店へ取りに来ていただくか、宅配便にて発送します。 宅配便の場合【送料は着払い(海外の場合は先払い)】【1名につき包装資材300円】をいただきます。 【海外の方の送料(発送手数料・包装材含む)】 店頭にてお支払いをお願いしております。 ●中国・韓国・台湾 2700円/1名 ●中国・韓国・台湾以外のアジア圏 3650円/1名 ●オセアニア・カナダ・メキシコ・中近東・ヨーロッパ圏 4900円/1名 ●米国 5800円/1名 ●中南米・アフリカ 5600円/1名
buraburafukuoka Ccourse
This the Route C. This course is a course of exploring the hideout that goes around places. This district is a historical neighborhood with old streets 100 years ago. Here you can meet interesting temples and shops.Let’s stroll along the back street of the old folk houses lining up, and then visit 2 famous historic temples, delicious fish cake store, traditional toy store, and chocolate shop. ①Shofukuji temple: the first Zen temple in Japan which was built around 900 years ago and offering three special Buddha statues . Many tall trees growing in the wide courtyard makes quiet and peaceful atmosphere. ②Saimon fish cake store: this is a Hakata local fish cake store of more than 100 years history. Delicious healthy fish cake is one of the favorite daily food in Hakata and also Japan. ③Nagasawa betrothal goods store: gorgeous betrothal goods is a tradition since old days in Japan. The daily-using crafts made by the paper strings of modern design is a very good option as the souvenir from Japan. ④Endo store: this is a store specializing in toys for children. Here brings people the memory of childhood. ⑤Chocolate-shop: this shop starts in 1942, and a very popular shop. Other things to note Please wear shoes that easy to walk when you join our tour. Please prepare umbrella in raining days. Extra payment in the tour : bus ticker 100JPY/person
Mundo náutico en Fukuoka
It is a little-known spot experience in FUKUOKA city. Want to experience the wonders of the city of Fukuoka from above my yacht? Basically it's a shared ride. If you value privacy, please reserve a charter ride. At first Sign your safety description and disclaimer. Let's sail on! At first of all we head east. Please enjoy the sight of the city of Fukuoka from the sea. Sailing the yacht yourself if the sea conditions are good. Next, take a break on the small island in Hakata Bay. Take a walk by yourself in the quiet harbor town. There are small coffee shops, markets and hamburger shops in the port town. The last goes west. Depending on the weather, you may be able to see a great sunset. A rock from the sea on the way looks like a human face. This can only be seen on a yacht. The schedule may change depending on the weather. (Depending on the weather of the day, it may be canceled. Please understand for your safety.) I am waiting for you. ~ About cancellation of unseasonable weather ~ If departure is canceled due to bad weather, a full refund will be made through air bnb. If it is canceled due to bad weather, we will notify you as soon as possible. However, the announcement may be on the day. Because we are in nature. Please understand for your safety. In that case, we suggest another day. Or you can get a full refund through Airbnb.
Cooking and Matcha making
You are going to make sushi cake from scratch and learn how to make sushi rice and decorate your sushi beautifully. We also prepare some appetizer. After lunch, you will have one more activity; tea ceremony experience. You’ll learn how to cleanse tea bowls using special cloth and make bobbled green tea with whisk. Japanese sweet will be provided to enjoy with matcha tea you whisked!
Eat Like a Local in Fukuoka
You’ll explore Fukuoka’s tantalizing food-scene with a local host. Experience four different tastings of authentic local dishes - from traditional to trendy, simple to sophisticated, your local host can help you find it all in Fukuoka. You’ll head to a yatai where you’ll discover Mentaj egg roll, or fusion dishes like matai pizza or pasta. For your second tasting, you try the popular Fukuoka specialty known as Motsunabe. This dish contains motsu (also known as tripe or offal) as the main ingredient. This hearty Japanese hot pot contains a variety of local ingredients and is presented while still cooking in its pan. Afterwards, your host will take you to the best spot for ‘One Bite’, also known as pan-fried Gyoza. The crispy exterior and juicy pork filling make these hitokuchi irresistible and you’ll end up having more than one bite. For your fourth and final tasting, you’ll experience Fukuoka’s infamous dish - Hakata ramen. Hakata ramen originates from Fukuoka’s Hakata district and consists of a rich pork-bone broth, noodles and various local ingredients. With so much to taste, your only limitation is your appetite. If you are still in the city in the evening, go to Nakasu Island in the city center, where, at 6pm, the riverside transforms into an atmospheric pop-up market: yatai – mobile food stalls serving street food – where locals descend to get their fill.
buraburafukuoka A course
This the Route A of Burabura Fukuoka In this route, we will visit 2 famous historic temples, enjoyable Japanese tea store and Japanese dessert store. ① Jotenji Temple: the beautiful Zen garden and Chinese style main hall. ② Tochoji Temple: the beautiful Japanese five story pagoda, Japan’s largest wooden statue of a seated Buddha at 10.8 meters in height and the Family tomb. ③ Hakata Sennen-no Mon: the welcome gate to greet tourists visiting Hakata, which is the best photo-shooting site of this route. ④ Hakata Sakura: a Japanese tea store that exhibiting gorgeous Betrothal goods. ⑤ Mochikichi: a shop that specializes in delicious Japanese traditional dessert senbei (rice cracker) and anmochi (sweet rice cake). Other things to note 当日体調不良で参加できなくなったり、道に迷って集合時間に遅れる場合は速やかにメールで連絡してください。 永渕Nagafuchi
Descubre lo más destacado y las joyas de Fukuoka
You’ll join our local Fukuoka host on a whirlwind experience of the city’s most iconic central districts. Travel through time, from ancient temples and shrines, like Tōchō-ji and Kushida, to ultra-modern streets around Naka River, where you’ll join stylish locals sipping flannel drip coffee (a Japanese specialty) at hipster Cafe Bimi. You’ll start your journey at the beautiful Ohori Park where you’ll find scenic views, ancient trees and a variety of indigenous fauna and flora. A stroll through Ohori Park will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to discover the vibey Daimyo district to the west of Tenjin Station. Flanked with vintage shops and trendy restaurants, Daimyo district is home to some of Fukuoka’s best bars and cafés. Mingle with the hipsters, peruse vintage treasures and buy an original outfit from one of the many vintage shops and designer boutiques in the area. Afterwards, your host will take you to Yanagibashi market where you’ll find the finest fresh fish that Fukuoka has to offer. Walk along the 120-meter-long arcade and be amazed by the variety of stores. Hungry? You don’t want to miss out on Fukuoka’s rich tonkotsu ramen – and your host knows just the best place to get it. Your host will also show you where the Yatai food stalls pop up during the evening should you want to come and explore the area a second-time round during the evening.
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