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Experiencias únicas en Bisayas centrales

Reserva actividades inolvidables que la gente de la zona ofrece en Airbnb.

Todas las actividades cerca de Bisayas centrales

Tour de un día completo en scooter (¡conduces tú!)
Full Day Self-Drive Scooter Tour* (driving is encouraged but not required) Discover the best of Bohol through a guided self-drive scooter tour! Experience untouched waterfalls, scenic views, historical sights, local eateries, and unique paths. Travel Bohol like a local! The tour is around 8 hrs with lunch at a local eatery and guided hike to and from waterfalls! This will be a long but fulfilling day that you'd have a hard time experiencing on your own. *Don't have a scooter? We can help you rent one. It's recommended to have personal travel insurance when riding a motorized vehicle. You need a license and experience to drive.
Cebu City, A Street Food Tour in the Downtown Area
Embark on a culinary odyssey with our 2-3 hour adventure through the vibrant flavors of Cebu! Here's a taste of what awaits you: 1. Pungko-Pungko Fiesta: Kickstart our tour in the lively streets of Colon with the legendary 'Pungko-Pungko' experience. Dive into a carnival of fried delights from street stalls that'll tickle your taste buds! 2. Grilled Bliss: Venture into a world of grilled ecstasy! From the famed Chorizo de Cebu to succulent chicken intestines, savor the best grilled specialties the day has to offer. 3. Siomai Pitstop: Take a roadside break to relish the Filipino version of dumplings - flavorful siomai that packs a punch in every bite. 4. Larang Fish Soup Secrets: Discover the hidden gem of Larang fish soup in Pasil, a cherished secret passed down through generations. A must-try for culinary explorers! 5. Tuslob-Buwa Dive: Dive into the unique Tuslob-Buwa tradition in Pasil. Immerse the 'Puso' into a bubbling mixture of pig's brain, oil, and soy sauce, creating a culinary masterpiece that's both communal and unforgettable. 6. Sweet Symphony Finale: Wrap up our journey with a delightful dessert dilemma. Choose between sticky rice paired with local chocolate (tablea) or indulge in the classic Filipino favorite, Halo-Halo. Beyond our stops, discover unexpected gems. Share your cravings, and let's make this foodie journey uniquely yours!
Moalboal Sardines Run and Sea turtles Snorkeling
Let me know your prefer time to do the activity. It's flexible. We are open from 6:00 am to 4 pm. From the shore, we will first swim above a shallow reef flat made of sandy beds, seagrass meadows and some coral bommies. Many starfish of different species live on the seabed, including blue starfish and horned sea stars. In the seagrass areas, it is not uncommon to spot green sea turtles, who come to feed and rest near the coast. At about forty meters from the shore, the reef flat ends in a reef drop off where we can see the million of sardines. The duration of our snorkeling activity is 1 hour. Non-swimmer can do the activity. Package include: -Mask and snorkel -Lifevest -Snorkeling Guide/Photoman -Lifering -Environmental fee Exclusion optional or for rent: Go pro Rental:500 Short fins rental:100 Long fins rental:300 Aquashoes rental:100
Aventura en las cataratas de Kawasan, «sardine run» y tortugas
The Moalboal sardines run and turtle watching is definitely a must do in Cebu and the adventure walk in Kawasan Falls is also one of the most popular tourist attraction in Badian -you wouldn’t want to miss it! Itinerary for this tour: 8:00AM: Tour guide will pick you up at your hotel 8:30 - 10:00AM: Moalboal Sardine Run and Turtle Watching 10:00 - 11:00AM: Lunch (not included) 11:00 - 12:00PM: Travel to Badian 12:00 - 3:00PM: Adventure Walk in Kawasan Falls 3:00 - 3:30PM: Free late lunch 3:30 - 4:00PM: Travel back to your hotel Inclusion: Transportation(within moalboal),equipments, entrance fees and a meal after Kawasan Falls Please read carefully. Transiting from Cebu City 1. (Cheapest) Take a taxi or motor from your hotel to the Cebu Southbus Terminal and take the bus to Moalboal. The bus ticket cost 200-250php. Ask the bus operator to drop you at Moalboal bus stop and our tourguide will pick you up from there. RECOMMENDED to be on the bus terminal by 4AM as this is trip will take approximate 3 and half hours. 2. (Hassle free) I can setup a car and driver to take you from your hotel in Cebu to Moalboal and back. This will cost 8000php. This cost includes the drivers time (usually for 12-16hrs), food, and gas. FREE PICK UP IS WITHIN MOALBOAL ONLY Just send me a message if you have any questions or if you want to customize the itinerary. I DO HAVE OTHER TOURS AROUND CEBU.
Chocolate Hills Tour in Bohol Philippines
A driverguide will pick you up and drop off from/to your accomodation, airport and seaport. The driver will serves as your guide to discover the one of the wonders of the world - Chocolate Hills. You will witness the stunning million years creation of natural beauty. If you are looking for adventures , you can ride with an ATV (All-terrain vehicle) and roam around the hills . Before you arrive in the chocolate hills, you can stop by on the 9 other tourist spots in Bohol including a buffet lunch in a floating restaurant in Loboc Rivercruise, where they cater delicious Filipino foods. Here are the spots Included : Baclayon Church Hinagdanan Cave Man-made Forest Tarsier Viewing Butterfly Garden Blood Compact Ship Haus Souvenir Shop Loboc River Cruise NOTE: Just an Heads Up!! This package only caters as your Transportation service with driverguide. Entrance Fees and Foods are not included. “People don't take trips, trips take people.” ~ John Steinbeck.
Countryside Wonders of Bohol Island
Your Bohol Island journey won’t be complete without visiting its spectacular marvels. Bohol Island is the home to the famous Chocolate Hills, the smallest primate in the Philippines (Tarsiers), some of the most magnificent beaches, and so much more! After leaving Panglao Island, we’ll visit a boutique salt-making workshop that has been making salt in a traditional manner unique to Bohol for generations and learn about local livelihoods and traditions. We’ll then continue to the Chocolate Hills before it gets packed with tourists for the best available view of the 1,776 almost identical hills. Alternatively, you can also choose to see the hills via a thrilling ATV ride! After visiting the Chocolate Hills, we’ll drive to the famous Tarsier Conservation Area through the Bilar’s Manmade Forest. We’ll then have a lunch break and Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) activity on the Loboc River. Finally,, just before sunset, we’ll have a quick visit to Baclayon Church, one of the oldest churches in the Philippines made out of coral stones and egg whites, before heading back to Panglao.
Recorrido histórico y gastronómico por la ciudad de Cebú
Cebu City, officially known as the City of Cebu, holds the distinction of being the oldest city in the Philippines, as well as the first Spanish settlement and capital. Visitors to downtown Cebu City can experience the authentic Filipino way of life by exploring its oldest streets, known as the country's shortest national road. The tour includes several notable stops, starting with the Most Famous Monument in Cebu City, followed by a 350-year-old Ancestral House with stunning Spanish-Chinese architectural and furniture designs. Guests are welcome to take photographs and videos of this historic location. Along the way, visitors can sample delicious Cebuano street food. Next, guests will visit the 400-year-old Cathedral dedicated to the Immaculate Conception of Mary, as well as a modern Spanish-designed building owned by priests. The tour then proceeds to the most famous church in Cebu City, which is renowned for its Brown Child Jesus statue. This church is also the location where Spanish explorers planted a Christian cross during their expedition of the first circumnavigation of the world. Finally, guests will explore the busiest produce market in the Philippines, where local farmers come to sell their harvest. The Historical Street and Food Tour in Cebu City offers a unique opportunity to witness the daily lives and cuisine of Filipinos. Join the tour and discover even more!
Explora el Siquijor oculto
Skip the many of the tourist traps and experience the island like no one else! This one-of-a-kind adventure is unlike any other tour on the island. Highlights include: - Start the day sampling a few local delicacies at the market - Spend time with a traditional folk healer. You will have the opportunity to participate in one of the forms of healing and be introduced to the history and science behind it. - Walk "through" a 400+ year old banyan tree as we hike to the top of the island to get a 360 degree view from the very top of the island. - Wander the halls of the Lazi Monastery and historic church and learn some of their history and myths. - Enjoy a quiet white sand beach away from all the crowds. - Be guided through a cave with underground river. - Skip the crowds while you swim and explore a quiet waterfall. - Visit secret overlook of the province and distant islands. PLUS: Other stops along the way. Optional: After the tour is over, you are invited to have a dinner with the group at one of the many food hot spots around the island. Please be aware that some activities can be changed due to weather or other issues. Note: You should be moderately fit for this experience. Note: Transportation is NOT included in the price. If you have your own motorbike that is preferred. I can arrange a car or van at an additional cost of between 400 - 1000 PHP per pax.
Clase de cocina con bambú en Cebú
Join us for an exciting culinary experience at Hadsan Cove Resort, situated in Marigondon Lapu Lapu City, where you can learn to cook 3 Traditional Filipino dishes featuring Chicken, Shrimp, and Fish, Native Filipino garden salad, Hanging Rice, and Local Dessert, all within a 4-hour period. Before commencing the cooking session, guests will be given a brief introduction to Filipino cooking history. Then, they will prepare spices and herbs for the dishes, while a Filipino dessert made of local seasonal fruits will be prepared while waiting for the food to be cooked on charcoal. Guests can also take a refreshing dip on the beach as they wait for the food to cook. Once the food is cooked, guests will savor each dish they have prepared. After the cooking class, an email containing all the pictures taken during the session, along with the recipes, will be sent to the guests, allowing them to replicate their favorite dishes back home. It's worth noting that our dishes are free of MSG, and guests can request additional vegetarian dishes if desired. Moreover, the cooking class will take place in front of a stunning beach, and guests are welcome swim. If anyone is interested in booking the cooking class alone, they will need to send you a message before booking. Additionally, you require a week notice before the cooking class to ensure that the necessary Bamboo can be ordered
Tiburones ballena y más al sur de Cebú (con transporte privado)
Embark on a (private) adventure through Cebu Island's stunning south with us, starting at 2:30am. Travel in comfort during the 3-hour drive to Oslob in our luxurious car. After a briefing about whalesharks and their conservation, we'll get up close and swim with them. You can rent an underwater GoPro to capture these magical moments. After breakfast, our local photographer will capture the perfect shot of you at the Tumalog Falls. The most beautiful and cinematic waterfall in Cebu Next, we'll visit friendly Filipino monkeys living in a nature sanctuary and feed them bananas. Our last stop is the Boljoon church, one of the oldest in Cebu. We aim to provide a perfect mix of adventure and relaxation, creating memories that last a lifetime. We can also offer more experiences that day as an extra add-on: - Sumilon Island: This is island hopping to the nearby island in Oslob. 750php/pax - Osmeña Peak: We can watch the sunrise on the highest mountain on Cebu. It’s only a 15-20min hike to the top. 1000php/pax - Turtles and Sardines swimming, Moalboal: 2000php/pax PROMO: BOOK AN AIRBNB CONDO WITH US AND GET 20% DISCOUNT ON THIS STANDARD PACKAGE! Insta: X10 Real Estate With only 1 booking/day we will go with the scooter (backseat) or bus, what you prefer. With more then 4 guests we will go with a van. Ps: every 3rd Wednesday of the month, the Tumalog waterfall is closed
Negros, una ciudad muy dulce
Negros is known as the sugar capital of the Philippines. We will explore historical and instagrammble sites in the "sugar cities" of Silay and Talisay, where the Philippines' first bloodless revolution was hatched. We will visit old mansions that tell the province's rich colonial heritage. And over a cup of coffee or tea and some local sweets, I'll tell you the story of a brilliant war strategy that won the Negrenses their independence from Spanish colonial rule. You can even have your own keepsake of this experience as well as your other experiences in the future in a journal that I will help you make. Other things to note If you haven't done a journal before, don't worry, I'll guide you through it. If you're serious about journal writing, let's exchange ideas. If you're not into it, just enjoy the experience.
Must Sea- Virgin Island's Afternoon Sandbar Fun
This tour takes you to Virgin Island when it’s already empty and you can enjoy the beautiful sandbar all to yourself. The tour includes not only the transportation, but also music, snacks and a few drinks.
Panglao Night Owls Pub Crawl
*Join a fun group of like-minded travelers from all over the world *Get to vibe in with the locals on different pubs and bars around the area *Have a great time at the center of Panglao *Free welcome drinks in every stop
Call It Paradise - Pamilacan Island Day Tour
Situated in the heart of Bohol Sea, Pamilacan Island is unknown to tourists yet offers amazing spots for snorkeling and has a mesmerising white sand beach. You will absolutely value the serenity the Pamilacan Island offers! This tour will allow you to explore the paradise-like island known for its abundant marine life. Witnessing the mind-blowing tricks of the adorable dolphins during the boat voyage from Panglao Island will surely brighten your day! Feels like a paradise stuck in time, Pamilacan will welcome us to immerse in its tropical serenity. We'll meet a local family who will be hosting us for an authentic Boholano lunch inspired by the island, and they will also tour us around the island. Let yourselves savor the remaining leisure time to lounge on the beach, enjoy some drinks, and chill in the turquoise ocean.
Cebu City Bar Hopping Tour
The Urban City of Cebu offers more than just Pristine Beaches and Scenic Views. It's also home to a vibrant nightlife scene with a plethora of nightclubs and fancy bars perfect for after-dark hours. Whether you're into R&B, Hip Hop, EDM, or Trap Music. You can discover new places with different atmospheres and Music genres to suit your preferences. You can also make new friends in Bars, Pubs, or Lounges that bring together like-minded party-goers.