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September 15, 2019
See the wide range of habitats that make up the Pacific Rim on a tour of this fascinating aquarium, which takes you from one environment to another and lets you feel as though you’re underwater.
September 13, 2019
The world's largest aquarium, “Kaiyukan”. It is about 4 minutes by train from my inn. You should definitely look at the huge aquarium where whale sharks swim. Most popular. Places that touch sea creatures are very popular with children. The night aquarium begins at 17:00. The hall is romantic with…
Mitsuyoshi & Ayumi
Mitsuyoshi & Ayumi
October 10, 2019
Big aquarium. About 40 minutes door to door from YUME HOUSE.
June 24, 2019
Kaiyūkan is located in the Osaka's bay area, and is 1 of Japan's most spectacular aquariums. It introduces various forms of life inhabiting the Pacific Rim in a well organized and impressive way.
May 14, 2019
This is the biggest aquarium in this area. We can feel realistically temperature, sound and smell because we are short distance with animals. And it is established each area all over the world. So you can watch world-wide animals.
October 29, 2019
The largest class of world, aquarium. The concept is “Ring of Fire” and “Ring of Life”. It is a facility that recreates the Pacific Ocean ocean with a huge aquarium and dramatically changed the impression of a traditional aquarium. This facility is located in Tempozan Harbor Village. There are…

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Theme Park
“This sprawling theme park dedicated to popular American movies features rides & live entertainment. The way the park is built in a meticulous manner and pulls you into its magic very well.”
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“Osakajokoen is one of the nearests. From Kansai International Airport, Take an Airport Express on the Nankai Airport Line to Shin-Imamiya station. At Shin-Imamiya station, transfer to Osaka Loop Line. From there, you will get to Osakajokoen in 15 minutes. It takes about one hour and costs about one thousand yen from Kansai Internationl Airpot to Osakajokoen staion. The main tower was rebuilt in 1931 and the original does not exist anymore.  The cost for rebuilding the main tower was entirely funded by citizens of Osaka.  It’s 54.8 meters high. You can go up with an elevator. Please don’t remind us how ugly it is. The view from the top of the tower is outstanding! Shachihoko is a lion-headed fish in Japanese folkfore. The main tower has two of them on it’s roof. Osaka castle was originaly built by Hideyoshi Toyotomi.   Hideyoshi  made his way in the world from a low position and ruled over the whole country. Hokoku shrine is where Hideyoshi is enshrined.  The castle is surrrounded by a moat filled with water so that it is veary hard to invade.   There is also a dry moat.  It is on a higher place so they could not flood it. Do you see that the way the stone walls are piled up varies by location? They differ across the ages. The stones used for the wall were gathered from all over the country. The biggest stone in the stone wall in Osaka castle is called “octopus stone”.  It weighs 130 tons. It’s said that it’s called “octopus stone” because the pattern on the surface looks like an octopus. In Japan, we hava the custom of enjoying foods and drinks with a view of cherry blossoms. It’s called Ohanami. Osaka castle park is a popular site for Ohanami. It gets very crowded with people enjoying Ohanami in spring. Foods and drinks taste so much better when viewing pieces of cherry blossoms fall. Lets’s have a hanami party in the next cherry blossom season.”
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“You can see many kinds of animals in the zoo located in the middle of the city. The Tennoji Zoo was opened on January 1, 1915. It celebrated the 100th anniversary from the opening in 2015 and is currently known as the third oldest zoo in Japan. The zoo has about 1,000 animals of about 200 species in an approximately 11 hectare site and attracts many visitors as an urban oasis.”
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Monumento / Lugar emblemático
“Tsutenkaku is a tower and well-known landmark of Osaka, Japan and advertises Hitachi.  This observation tower  is located in the Shinsekai district(New World in English), an interesting sightseeing area.  Its total height is 103 m; the main observation deck is at a height of 91 m. the Tsutenkaku was inspired by the Eiffel tower inParis. Inside is enshrined Billiken, the God of Happiness  The statue of Billiken became closely associated with the tower and is a popular symbol of good luck.  It is possible to reach both Namba and Shinsaibashi from Shinsekai. It takes about 15 minutes by train.  At night, The tower will light up, which shows a different color set for every two month The color at the top of the tower changes depending on weather forecast for tomorrow. If its sunny, it will be white, cloudy is orange, rainy is blue.    And the clock on the east side of the tower is said to be the biggest in Japan. The fee to go to the top is 500 yen. This where you want to go to see in Osaka, Japan. ”
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Centro comercial
“The rooftop is nice and the observatory floor always has a cool art exhibit for display; however it is overrated. The high-rise terrace offers a better atmosphere than the top floor and you don't have to pay !”
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