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Halifax Public Gardens

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Barrett Douglas
Barrett Douglas
June 5, 2020
These are the oldest Public Gardens in North America. Many famous people have walked through and in the early summer, it is popular for high school students to take prom and graduation photos. If you have a camera, a nice book, or just want a place to collect your thoughts I recommend a walk through…
December 30, 2019
Victoria era gardens established in 1867. Located in the centre of Halifax near the popular Spring Garden Road shopping and restaurant district. In the summer months, they often have bands playing on Sunday afternoons.
February 29, 2020
Victorian era public gardens located on Spring garden road, formally established in 1867. The public gardens are located right beside a popular shopping district and one of Halifax's most historic hotels.
December 3, 2019
A beautiful Victorian-inspired garden open to the public since 1867. 16 acres in the Victorian Gardenesque style; Scroll beds shaped in an E for the reigning monarch, Serpentine beds, raised carpet beds and a profusion of colour through the artistry of our Gardeners. The Victorian Gardens were all…
December 1, 2019
If you have been at all feeling confident about your gardening skills, then let me present to you the antidote to all of that. This is definitely Halifax's most brightly coloured spot with an impeccably curated assortment of plants, flowers and trees. You just can't be stressed while you visit…

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“Large city park with many walking trails, historic sites, and views of Halifax Harbour.”
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Sitio histórico
“One of the most popular national parks in Canada! Established as a fort in 1749, the park offers exhibits and re-creations of fort life over the years. A great view of the city and Halifax Harbour and the Halifax Town Clock.”
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“Located on the Halifax Waterfront and home to exhibits on the Halifax Explosion, Titanic artifacts, and more! Merlin the macaw will greet you by the entrance!”
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Mercado de productores locales
“Over 250 local artisans and food vendors right on the Halifax Waterfront. A great way to spend a few hours, tasting local foods and viewing art and local treasures.”
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Galería de arte
“A wide ranging gallery with permanent (e.g. the home and artwork of Maud Lewis) and temporary exhibits (e.g. Canadian artist Mary Pratt). ”
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