Anna's Hoeve

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Luxe villa bij de Hilversumse hei
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Hilversum, nearby nature. citycentre of Amsterdam & Utrecht only 20 minutes by train
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Casa de madera cerca de Ámsterdam, Utrecht y la naturaleza
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Acogedora casa familiar con todo a poca distancia
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  1. Alojamiento entero: villa
Bijzondere locatie in een bosrijke omgeving

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“For a touch of New York and a bit of France, George L.A. is in Laren. In the amazing sunny garden you sit comfortably between the many greenery. Don't forget to taste their signature dish - the tuna pizza. The restaurant is open every day until 01:00. Reservation is recommended.”
  • Recomendado por 4 habitantes locales
“This is a cosy, traditional 'eetcafe' in the heart of Naarden. It has good food at a good price. Reservations are a must.”
  • Recomendado por 7 habitantes locales
Salón de té
“Famous coffee house, good and fair coffee, nice place to see when you visit Blaricum”
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“Café Moeke Spijkstra, located in the middle of the picturesque Gooise village of Blaricum near Laren, hardly needs any introduction. This establishment has been located here since 1909. Reservation is not necessary. The former Moeke Spijkstra was known by another name: Hotel Gooilust. Many spent the night here at the time. The name Moeke Spijkstra has its origins in the Spijkstra family, which was responsible for the operation for many years. In popular Blaricum people spoke of: "We are going to Moeke", of course because this friendly hostess watched over her offspring like a mother. Later, the café-restaurant was also officially called. Of course as a tribute to a special woman. It is now widely known as a café-restaurant. The various drawings that adorn our menus show that many national and international greats experience this café-restaurant as the living room of the Netherlands. As you can see, we decorated the ceiling and walls with curios from all times and all continents. Every piece has its own story here, because this immense collection has been built up by the regulars over the years. For example, the local taxi company delivered one of the last taxi clocks, Frans Robert brought the old family spinning wheel and a KLM passenger arrived with a real propeller. If you ever have an attribute that you think could decorate our ceiling, don't hesitate to donate it to us. However, it must be a unique copy with a lot of history and you will have to give it up permanently, everything hanging from the ceiling will hang there for days to come. (oh yes, to be clear: nothing is for sale!) In short, a café-restaurant with stories. Moeke Spijkstra is proud of the village of Blaricum with its beautiful nature, beautiful old farms and (now) colorful population. We source many of our ingredients from the village. We maintain a very special bond with our neighbor Bakkerij Wassenaar: All our bread (and therefore every crumb) comes from this excellent bakery.”
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Restaurante asiático
“if you are into the Japanese kitchen and want to do some people watching, than this is the place to be!”
  • Recomendado por 15 habitantes locales
Hilversum, NH 1223