La mejor selección de Salas de cine en París

Lugares favoritos de los habitantes locales

1. MK2 Quai de Seine
14 Quai de la Seine
333recomendaciones locales
David: “Cinema, bars and restaurants on the canal. Most of the movies are in original language version. Ther...” ·
2. MK2 Quai de Loire
7 Quai de la Loire
257recomendaciones locales
Cyril: “Former industrial buildings that houses cinema multiplex and several coffee shops, bars and restaura...” ·
3. Pathé Wepler (côté Avenue)
8 Avenue de Clichy
134recomendaciones locales
Julie: “Big cinéma, with big screens. To see international films in original version. (french subtitles).” ·
4. Cinéma Studio 28
10 Rue Tholozé
80recomendaciones locales
5. Grand Rex
1 Boulevard Poissonnière
183recomendaciones locales
Coco: “Le Grand Rex is the largest cinema in Paris. It features a starred "sky" overhead and interior fount...” ·
6. L'ARP
7 Avenue de Clichy
65recomendaciones locales
Patrick: “The fancier alternative to blockbuster-machine Pathé Wepler next door.” ·
7. MK2 Gambetta
6 Rue Belgrand
108recomendaciones locales
Pascale: “Cinema with good selection of films. Cinéma avec bonne programmation.” ·
8. Pathé Beaugrenelle Movie Theatre
7 Rue Linois
56recomendaciones locales
Laura: “Un cinéma multiplex neuf et tout confort qui privilégie la VO. New movie theatre with English speak...” ·
9. Louxor - Palais Du Cinéma
170 Boulevard de Magenta
252recomendaciones locales
Jean Michel
Jean Michel: “An old and magnificent movie theater recently renovated and with great selection of current and clas...” ·
10. La Géode
26 Avenue Corentin Cariou
54recomendaciones locales
Marielle: “This is a sphere 36 m in diameter, composed of steel spherical triangles, which reflect light, a bit...” ·
11. Cinéma Municipal Georges Méliès
12 Place Jean Jaurès
49recomendaciones locales
Virginia: “A great cinema where you can see all the latest films for half the price in Paris, and in the origin...” ·
12. mk2 Nation
133 Boulevard Diderot
47recomendaciones locales
Celine: “The closest cinema. Movies are not translated, but you will have to compose with french subtitles” ·
13. UGC Gobelins Paris 13
66 bis Avenue des Gobelins
46recomendaciones locales
Franck: “Cinéma / Cinema UGC (foreign movies in original version subtitled in French)” ·
14. UGC Ciné Cité Les Halles Paris 01
46recomendaciones locales
François: “The largest movie theater in Paris (3 levels down) and Piscine des Halles (Public Swimming Pool, ...” ·
15. CGR Paris Lilas
Place du Maquis du Vercors
43recomendaciones locales
David: “Nice modern cinema with an amazing rooftop terrace for drinks and food.” ·
16. UGC Ciné Cité Bercy Paris 12
2 Cour Saint-Emilion
43recomendaciones locales
Amaury: “Big movie theater in a nice neighborhood” ·
17. Max Linder Panorama
24 Boulevard Poissonnière
39recomendaciones locales
Laetitia: “Cinema 1 room of prestige: 700 seats Image: a widescreen 18 m wide, slightly curved shape. Sound:...” ·
18. MK2 Beaubourg
50 Rue Rambuteau
40recomendaciones locales
Kevin: “Local movie theater. The closest place to catch a recent movie. They also have a good program someti...” ·
19. Ciné 104
104 Avenue Jean Lolive
38recomendaciones locales
Marie: “Cute small cinéma 10min by walk in Pantin” ·
20. MK2 Bastille
4 Boulevard Beaumarchais
34recomendaciones locales
Olga Ioana
Olga Ioana: “A cinéma close to home, a 10 min walk to Bastille. Have a drink and see a movie ( english versions i...” ·
21. Cinéma Gaumont Parnasse
3 Rue d'Odessa
33recomendaciones locales
Michael: “Movie theaters with many screens showing movies in French and English.” ·
22. UGC Ciné Cité Paris 19
166 Boulevard Macdonald
28recomendaciones locales
Yohann: “24 screens at 12 minutes walks from the appartment”
23. L'Escurial
11 Boulevard de Port-Royal
20recomendaciones locales
Camille: “Movie theater. 2 screens with a beautiful setting, generally good artsy movies.”
24. Gaumont Convention
29 Rue Alain Chartier
20recomendaciones locales
Julien: “It is raining day don't worry the new cinema is at 10 minutes walk”
25. UGC Montparnasse Paris 06
83 Boulevard du Montparnasse
18recomendaciones locales
Christina: “For those who love cinema UGC is just a few meters away” ·
26. UGC Danton Paris 06
99 Boulevard Saint-Germain
17recomendaciones locales
Marc-André: “Nice movie theater with movies in English, with subtitles in French.”
27. UGC Normandie
116 bis Av. des Champs-Élysées
18recomendaciones locales
Manu: “To watch lastest movies in english version with french subtible !” ·
28. UGC
14recomendaciones locales
Karine: “Movies are just around the corner !” ·
29. Cinéma Gaumont Les Fauvettes
58 Avenue des Gobelins
13recomendaciones locales
Alain: “To review all the films digitally restored and original versions.” ·
30. Le Champo - Espace Jacques Tati
51 Rue des Écoles
11recomendaciones locales
Juli: “One of the best "art et essai" cinema” ·