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Parques y naturaleza en Zealand

Theme Park
“Best amusement park. Full of rollercoasters etc. Beautiful at night too, pretty lights and all.”
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“Unique place - freedom and happiness are the essentials in this autonomous community 10 minutes away by bike.”
1273recomendaciones de los habitantes
“Great place in the summer. Here you will find the locals whent the weather is good.”
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“This is a very famous cemetery where the famous writer H.C. Andersen is buried. The Danes uses the cemetery as a park. Go through that one to find Jægersborggade. ”
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“A nice big park where many locals hang out in the summer. Pack a picnic or grab something at the cafe. ”
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“If the weather is good you should consider doing what a lot of locals do - do a picnic in The King’s Garden (Kongens Have). There is a food market in the area - perfect for picnic shopping before you go in the park - it is called Torvehallerne.”
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“If you are into animals and nice zoos (I am), this is the place to go to. The zoo is constantly being upgraded to provide as close to nature environments as possible. During spring 2019 the zoo will recieve a couple of Pandas which are the talk of town amongst animal lovers. The zoo is not only for fun. A lot of research takes place and the visitors are invited to participate in various activities. These are popular, so book in advance: There's a nice cafeteria with decent food inside the zoo and a shop with the cutest toy animals. ”
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“Another very famous and popular public swimming pool right in the harbour. Located with great views of Copenhagen.”
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“Stroll down the canals of Nyhavn surrounded by beautiful and colorful buildings and a nice atmosphere. Ps. don't eat here if you're traveling on a budget :) ”
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Puerto / Marina
“Good for hanging out, eating, swimming in the canal, going on self-paced boat tours (Goboats).”
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“Special place with a lot of nice places for dinner or cafè.. Good atmosphere..”
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“Søndermarken is perfect for an easy stroll. You will also find a few activities for the children.”
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Puerto / Marina
“This is classic Copenhagen and is a great place for a walk. Walk across Inderhavnsbroen and enjoy the view. Nyhavn is very touristy and the food is way to expensive. Visit Reffen or Torvehallerne for great value instead. ”
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“This is my favourite place to bike! Nørrebroparken is like this long snake that bends its way all around Nørrebro, and maybe the main reason for Copenhagen to be such a nice place to bike in. Highly recommended (on bike)!”
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“Google it... its the danish version of the "White cliffs of dover" extremely beautiful and peaceful.”
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“Christianshavn is a beautiful place just a 10 minutes walk away from my apartment. It has different colored houses, and a lot of cafes all over.”
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