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Las mejores tiendas en Yilan County

“High end shopping mall where you can get almost anything. Also a lot of ATMs available here.”
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Mercado de pescado
“台北最美麗的魚市場,有各式的海鮮料理,烤海鮮、生魚片、海鮮火鍋。非常推薦給喜歡海鮮料理的朋友! It's not only a fish market. It's also a large Japanese restaurant with lots of great seafood. A perfect place for someone who loves seafood, Japanese cuisine, or the liveliness of the amazing seafood market.”
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Tienda departamental
“Famous clubs and bars: AI Nightclub and Frank Taipei are located in this building. There are also tons of shopping and restaurants available. The restaurants are super popular, it is recommended to come here an hour early to get seats first. 知名夜店AI Nightclub與Frank Taipei都在此, 另外還有許多美食餐廳與購物中心. 由於餐廳過度受歡迎, 建議提早一個小時先來拿座位”
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“The famous 24-hrs bookstore. Just walk around the Ren-Ai circle, you can get there!!!”
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Tienda de ropa
“You know you are in Asia with this market style fashion street. Great for those who love to stroll”
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Tienda de electrónica
“the Digital Plaza is a complex of several multi stories building hosting shops for all sort of electronics. The whole neighbourhood is dedicated to the same merchandise, you can also find some second hand. Because the area attracts many visitors, there are plenty of restaurants and food stalls.”
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“Undoubtedly the center of all things Taipei, Dongqu is the area along and just off of Zhongxiao East Road (忠孝東路) between Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT station and Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall. ”
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Centro comercial
“Joining the world's top brands, a spacious shopping environment, and friendly service, Breeze Center has become the benchmark for cutting edge fashion in Taipei's retail world. ”
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“Excellent Bookstore in Taipei. Enjoy some of the newest books. They also have the largest collection of english tittles and in Taipei ”
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Tienda departamental
5recomendaciones de los habitantes
“Theater, Bookstore, Creative Park, Hotel, Pond, Food, Design Museum, Former Tobacco & Liquor Factory. ”
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Outlet Mall
“在充滿綠意的美麗南國,人們彷彿尋寶般發現各種驚喜; 每一個瞬間都是充滿歡樂、趣味的奇妙時光。 *享受精品購物: 高品質折扣精品/豐富的國際品牌 *滿足休閒娛樂: 書店/雜貨/電影院/超市/遊戲娛樂 *營造美食天堂: 規劃四個美食區塊/獨家引進10多家日本排隊名店 搭乘機場捷運從坑口站或山鼻站只有一到兩站的距離,方便又快速,購物完再回來休息,剛剛好!”
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“With an exotic ambiance, this lifestyle market includes MAJI Food & Deli, Street Food Fair, Creative Bazaar, Exotic Cuisine Extravaganza, Specialty Shop Walkway,and the multipurpose performance space.”
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Tienda de electrónica
“High end electronic products, sports wear, cafe, restaurants, camera, etc. Nice shopping center really close by. ”
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Centro comercial
6recomendaciones de los habitantes