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Las mejores actividades en Breslavia

Descubre la ciudad a través de los ojos de sus habitantes. Encuentra las mejores actividades, lugares para comer y recibe consejos invaluables de la gente que vive ahí.

“The Zoo in Wrocław was created in 1865 and had a dozen hectares of surface. Today on 33 ha live 14,000 animals”
36recomendaciones de los habitantes
Natural Feature
“Beutiful place in our city, great to have a walk. If you will decide to go there you should do it in daytime and in evening when it's dark - then you will se 2 totaly different places. ”
54recomendaciones de los habitantes
History Museum
“Deffinetly historical place of Poland, only one kind of that place in world. Simply say, inside it's one big painted picture arround you with some historical moments of our country. You listen history which is describing picture which is surrounds you. In my opinion woth to see as experience.”
27recomendaciones de los habitantes
“Best place in Wroclaw - iconic views and buildings. One of the best Main Square in Europe.”
23recomendaciones de los habitantes
“Feels like little Japan in Poland. One of my favorites​ in the city when it's warm. ”
24recomendaciones de los habitantes
“the best independent cinema in Poland. International festivals: New Horizons in July, American Film Festival in October”
25recomendaciones de los habitantes
“The most popular place for student and other locals where you can drink alcohol on the air (it is not legal but you can ;)”
29recomendaciones de los habitantes
“absolute must in Wroclaw! check out also their sauna's spot called Saunarium, it's absolutely fantastic! they have some beauty treatments too :)”
17recomendaciones de los habitantes
Science Museum
“This is something like modern knowlege center about water. They call them self Water Museum. Very interested place, also good to go there with family. You can buy tickets on their website.”
18recomendaciones de los habitantes
Sala de conciertos
“This is not only a building, but very very nice park which is arround it. Wroclaw is taking care of this place and it looks better and better every year. Is summer time there is a multimedia fountain, where you can watch show with water, lights and sound. Just google "multimedia fountain wroclaw" and you will find all info you need. Please notice also that it's can be very crowdy in summer time.”
6recomendaciones de los habitantes
Museo de arte
“In the building in Powstańców Warszawy Square there are several permanent exhibitions, but some of the collections can be seen outside the Museum’s building. Two of them are devoted to the medieval art - Silesian Stone Sculpture of 12-16th century (in renovation) and Silesian Art of 14-16th century (1st floor). The expositions of the Polish Art of 17-19th century and European Art 15-20th century are on the 2nd floor. The most valuable pieces of art are: “Madonna with Jesus and St. John” by Agnolo Bronzino, “Winter landscape with ice skates and bird trap” by Pieter Bruegel the Younger and “Portrait of a Boy” by Jean Chardin.”
16recomendaciones de los habitantes
Centro comercial
“it's the largest shopping center in Wroclaw. If you want to go shopping - you cannot miss it!”
10recomendaciones de los habitantes
Restaurante italiano
“Not only in my opinion, but many many people says this the best pizza in Wroclaw. Of course, all depends of what you like, but there is usually a line to wait for a table, I think it says a lot about it.”
13recomendaciones de los habitantes
Sala de conciertos
“I encourage you to check the list of concerts held in 2017. Great orchestras from Bavaria and Dresden will come to Wrocław, but also jazzmen like Wynton Marsalis, blues musician Macy Gray, and Maestro John Eliot Gardiner will record a new album at NFM.”
6recomendaciones de los habitantes
“ a great example of Modernist architecture. In the evenings, multimedia fountain show with music ”
13recomendaciones de los habitantes
“Wroclaws' burgers place, many people says they are the best, I'm one of them.”
17recomendaciones de los habitantes