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Parques y naturaleza en Upper Bavaria

“Ideal place to go for a jogging tour or rent a bike for a tour through the English garden. ”
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Moving Target
“1972- Olympic Games in Munich, interesting architecture, nice park, city pool inside, a tower to enter for a great view to the alps when sunshine”
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Surf Spot
“Meeting point of Munich surfers practicing on the the amazing Eisbach streams.”
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Bathing Area
“Gravel beach. Very popular by the locals. Rent a bike, get a one way barbecue and some beers and enjoy sunsets at the river Isar with a nice barbecue”
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“Is the highest mountain 2989 mt of Germany and on the top you have the most spectacular views over the Alps. Also a great trip for non-skiers, they can do 'rodeln' or visit the Iglu village hotel.”
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“Called the King's lake is one of the cleanest lakes in the world. breathtaking scenery.”
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“Oktoberfest "Wiesn" ... mid of September til beginning of October; 16.09.2017- 03.10.2017 within 2 min walking ...”
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“You just have to pay 3€ (max I guess) and you can walk up the church tower through the balcony on top. On sunny days you can see the mountain from there. And the Marienplatz of course. ”
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“The nature experience near Munich delights everyone with their (partly free-running) animals, a huge playground, bird of prey show and much more.”
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“The "beginning" of the Englischer Garten, directly at Odeonsplatz. Have a look around - it is beautiful! Challenge: Find elderly people playing boules (throwing metal balls) :-)”
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“Great for running. Just head down Destouchesstrasse for 1km and you'll end up in the park.”
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“the oldest and most beautiful swimming pool in munich. wonderful, oldschool sauna, too.”
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“Hier könnt ihr die Wunderwelt Wald einmal aus völlig anderer Perspektive erleben und ohne festen Boden unter den Füßen. Der Waldwipfelweg in Maibrunn bei Sankt Englmar ist rund 30 Minuten entfernt.”
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“You will love this View 360° Panoramic View on the Alps and Munich Wonderful”
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“Badesee mit sehr sauberem klarem Wasser, rundherum ein sehr moderner Park, gute Aussicht vom Berg über München, Eintritt frei Lake for swimming with very clean water, surrounded by a modern park, good view over Munich from the top of the hill ”
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“Interesting park and glashouses, big playground an beergarden. Lots of events in summertime.”
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