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Actividades en Uley

Las mejores recomendaciones de la gente local

Desde los lugares más famosos hasta las joyas escondidas: descubre qué hace única a la ciudad con la ayuda de la gente local que mejor la conoce.
Galería de arte
“The Vestry Cafe is a great place for brunch nearby, and you can walk there. Great arts and cultural events space there too”
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“Definitely worth popping in; 5mins walk away, dating from the 17th century, and great for a drink after an enervating walk. It can have a very lively atmosphere, especially when the locals are gathered around the bar, but all very friendly and not at all one of these places where everyone stares when you walk in. Food is traditional pub fare, spot-on if it's a pie, peas and chips type meal you’re after – and of course with the huge benefit of being able to walk back home. It's even downhill on the way back. Food is served 12-2pm and 6-9pm during the week; or all day at the weekends. There is a beer garden at the back for when the weather is good.”
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“There are lovely walks in Uley - Owlpen (secluded valley), the Bury (amazing views) 10 mins by car. Finish the walk with a visit to Prema Arts Centre in Uley village, which has a lovely café. Dogs are welcome to the café.”
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“This 100 mile national trail goes from Bath to Chipping Campden and passes through Ebley, just a couple of miles from here. ”
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Point of Interest
“If you can only do one walk while you're here, go up to Uley Bury. The views, in all directions (since you're walking all the way round a hill top fort) are stupendous. You can find the footpath above from behind the Church just up the road; or you can drive up Crawley Hill and park up at the top, but spaces can be limited. Glorious is a word that is often over-used, but this walk is genuinely glorious. Taking in almost the entire Uley Bury, with its stupendous views in every direction, it also dips you steeply down, and steeply up onto Downham Hill; with equally stupendous views, and a very interesting history. Once you're up there, you have one simple decision to make. Clockwise, or anti-clockwise. Each has its merits, so it’s down to you. We like to walk anti-clockwise, then divert off to Downham Hill and return to complete the circuit. So, if you want to follow our route, head anti-clockwise until you see a footpath heading downhill - actually really steeply downhill. Follow your nose downhill, until you come out by the kennels at Hydegate Pet Resort. Say hello to the old, retired, horses in the field, then take the road signposted to Cam, and then after 200yds take the path on the left, uphill to the top of the Downham Hill (having first inspected the notices about how it was used as a smallpox isolation hospital). At the top of Downham, enjoy more glorious views in all directions, then head back down in the direction you came up from, but head steeply down through the bracken. Follow your route back, but as you start to climb back up Uley Fort, rather than taking the path you came steeply down, take the green lane to the right instead. Follow this up the hill through the woods, and one long zigzag takes you up through the steep grassy slopes to the top of the Fort, just a bit further along from where you descended off it. Continue walking anti-clockwise around the Fort back to where you started. ”
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Point of Interest
“Amazing circular walk (quite short 30 - 40 minutes) around a iron age long barrow with panoramic views. Breathtaking.”
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“Parked at the top of Crawley Hill, and with your back to the road, take the footpath to the left that goes steeply downwards. At the bottom, walk through Hodgecombe Farm onto the B road, walk straight ahead, and you will see the footpath going up Cam Long Down straight ahead of you. Go steeply up the footpath, forgetting the hard work of the uphill walk, and thinking instead about the wonderful views you will have at the top. They are as fabulous as those from the top of Uley Bury, possibly better, especially in the narrowing middle section where the hill falls steeply away from you on both sides. Walk all the way along until you start to descend, then up the smaller, but equally worthwhile, Cam Peak. In Scottish terms, it's like bagging two Munroes in one. Cam Peak can get very busy at weekends and in the summer, as it's an eminently climb-able hill for families. To get back, just turn around, and enjoy the walk in reverse, it seems surprisingly different seeing the views the other way round! A nice extension is to go along Cam Canyon, as we call it – when you get back onto the B road, turn left onto the road, and then take the first footpath on your left (heading on the map towards Ashmead Farm and Far Green). It's a wonderfully steep sided chasm. Walk back up the way you came once you get close to the bottom.”
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“We live here! Beautiful village set in stunning countryside. Go and find..... •Millennium Green – take any of the roads off The Street to the right (if you were heading to the Church), and you will come to Millennium Green. Gorgeously green, wonderful views of the surrounding hills, and packed with footpaths that go all over the place – follow your nose and explore. Interestingly a bird survey was done there in Feb 2018, and a total of over 70 different bird types were seen there (if you’re interested in knowing which, search for Uley Millennium Green and find the Parish Council webpage on it). We’ve also got some very nice apples from the community orchard in October, and it's laden with blackberries in the Autumn too. •Sheepwash – close to Fop Street crossroads, where the sheep were washed, and was partly why Uley wool attracted such a premium, being considered military grade so used in soldiers’ uniforms as “Uley Blue” •The Gorilla – Google it, it's quite amazing really! See if you can find the statue (not far from the pub), and a small gorilla (close to the Church) •St. Giles Church – at the top of The Street; a church has stood here for over 800 years, although what you see is a Victorian re-build, still very lovely and worth attending a service or just making a visit. •Walk to Owlpen and Grist Mill - gorgeous, flat-ish walk through the meadows. Owlpen Manor is mainly a wedding and events venue, so not open to the public, but the walk is delightful, and Grist Mill a real find (walk detailed in full in the Walks section of the printed Cottage manual). •Walk round Uley Bury - either walk up from the Church or from behind the Stores, but it is *very* steep going up, so if walking uphill isn’t your thing, drive up Crawley Hill (i.e. along the main street and up) and park at the top. Walk to the start of the Bury (aka Uley Fort) and treat yourself to glorious views in 360 degrees as you go either clockwise or anti-clockwise around the fort (walk detailed in full in the Walks section of the printed Cottage manual). •The Uley Stores - a wonderful, community-run shop that stocks all the basics. Inevitably a bit pricier than the supermarket, but this is good-value, locally sourced stuff, and the sort of place where you could find yourself chatting away to the some of the villagers. Great for fresh bread (from the wonderful Hobbs House Bakery), papers and most necessities. The shop is staffed by local volunteers who will happily provide information about things in the village so just ask them. ”
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