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Best things to do in Turku

Bar de vinos
“Wine bar & restaurant with a bohemian riverside terrace during summer months. Kitchen open until late.”
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“This museo is great combination of middle-aged Turku and modern art. Museum has two very diffent parts and it's always great to go down a starway in the middle of middle aged buildings. ”
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“Great nature area, where you can spot plenty of wildlife and also visit the botanical gardens. A beach and camping area is located at the end of the island. There is also a bus connection to this place.”
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“Even a famous rap song from Turku says from Blanko to Dynkky (Dynamo nightclub) and via Hesburger (burger joint) to home is the perfect night in Turku, so it's highly recommended to start your evening here with a dinner and later with cocktails. Try their lunch and the best brunch in the city as well!”
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History Museum
“Great outdoor museum. You can see how they lived and what kind of handworks they did in past.”
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“CAFE ART: One of my favourite cafeterias! Good coffee and pastry and in summertime it's just wonderful place to sit outside at the riverside contemplating the people walking by, but this place is very cozy from the inside as well! Many couples in Turku set their first date here :)”
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“The most hyped fine-dining restaurant in town. Local, seasonal ingredients and true passion. This is a definite must for any foodies visiting Turku. The space is tiny so it's wise to book beforehand.”
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“The Turku castle is 10 min walk. This is must to visit when coming to Turku!”
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“Pizzas with a archipelago touch. Open when many other restaurants are closed.”
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“Turku Castle is a medieval building in the city of Turku in Finland. Together with Turku Cathedral, the castle is one of the oldest buildings still in use in Finland. Turku Castle is the largest surviving medieval building in Finland.”
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Tienda gourmet
“The old market hall offering various dining options from sushi and Italian ice-cream to Mexican taqueria and traditional Finnish fish soup joint.”
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“Voted the BEST INDIAN Restaurant in Finland for many years. They also have a daily lunch offer (from 10.00 to 15.00), which is SO FILLING it includes: - Salad Bar - Main Dish (Beef, Chicken, Seafood or Vegetarian) - Indian Rice - Indian Naan Bread - Yougurt and Daal (lentils) If you Opt for late lunch or dinner, then I highly recommend either Chicken Tikka Masala or Rogan Josh (lamb)”
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Museo de arte
“TURKU ART MUSEUM: Visible from the Turku Market Square, Turku Art Museum is after Ateneum the second oldest art museum in Finland. Thanks to its old traditions the Turku Art Museum is one of the few museums whose collections give an overview to the whole history of Finnish art. This place also has a good cafeteria .)”
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“Closest large grocery store. They have EVERYTHING. There is also Alko, which sells wine, liquor etc (in Finland only mild drinks are available from basic grocery stores).”
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Point of Interest
“Here you have an public outdoor pool just on the other side of the stadium. The entrance is only 5,50e for adults and you can spend a nice day swimming, jumping and sun bathing. Opening hours: Monday-Thursday: 06:00am - 20:00pm Friday: 06:00am - 19:00pm Saturday-Sunday: 08:00am- 19:00pm”
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“TURUN KAUPPAHALLI (Old inside market place): Do you want to buy post cards or souvenirs? Would you like to buy some Finnish treats and delicatesses? Or maybe just have lunch or coffee in a very nice atmosphere? If any of your answers was yes, then definitely go check out this old market hall. Opening hours: during the week 8-18, Saturdays 8-16, Sundays:closed.”
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