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Las mejores actividades en Townsville

Descubre la ciudad a través de los ojos de sus habitantes. Encuentra las mejores actividades, lugares para comer y recibe consejos invaluables de la gente que vive ahí.

Centro comercial
“Visit Stockland Townsville Shopping Centre today for a wide variety of stores, great offers and exciting events”
Recomendado por 18 habitantes locales
“Just metres short of a mountain, Castle Hill is the giant pink granite monolith that stands proud in the centre of Townsville - a perfect place for visitors to orientate themselves. Castle Hill offers vehicle access as well as a number of popular walking tracks, which are frequented by more than 2,500 locals a day! The 360-degree views of Townsville at the top are well worth the journey. Be sure to have a camera on hand, particularly for sunrise or sunset as these are photo opportunities that shouldn't be missed. Apart from being an iconic centrepiece for the city and a lookout for spectacular scenic views, Castle Hill has a significant history. The Hill's vantage was used by visiting American soldiers during World War II. According to local legend, the visitors famously offered to demolish the hill and use the rock to build a bridge to Magnetic Island. A World War II observation bunker sits on one corner of the Hill reminding visitors of Castle Hill's military history. Castle Hill facilities include car parking, public amenities, drink fountains and shaded seating to enjoy while taking in some of the best views of the city and across to Magnetic Island.”
Recomendado por 26 habitantes locales
“Home to the world's largest living coral reef aquarium, the 2.5 million litre coral reef exhibition will open your eyes to an amazing world filled with thousands of charismatic marine creatures. Home to the world's largest living coral reef aquarium, the 2.5 million litre coral reef exhibition will open your eyes to an amazing world filled with thousands of charismatic marine creatures. Immerse yourself in the underwater viewing tunnel offering magical views of a living coral reef and the predators that prowl the water depths. Discover beauty and wonder of the Great Barrier Reef. Appreciate the challenges faced by Reef HQ Aquarium's Turtle Hospital patients and how you can play a role in protecting marine turtles in the Great Barrier Reef. The turtle hospital operates and promotes the C.A.R.E (Conserve. Act. Rehabilitate. Education) philosophy playing a key role in raising community awareness. Join their experienced and friendly interpretation staff on one of Reef HQ Aquarium's premier visitor experiences. Let their volunteers inspire you as they share their passion for the Great Barrier Reef.”
Recomendado por 23 habitantes locales
“I love this place! The food is great, the view is stunning and the staff are lovely”
Recomendado por 19 habitantes locales
“The star attraction is the HMS Pandora gallery. Sent to catch the famous Bounty and her mutinous crew, the Pandora sank off the coast of Cape York in 1791. Hundreds of amazing artefacts have been recovered from the wreck and are on display. One of our most popular areas for kids is the Enhanted Rainforest, which focuses on one of North Queensland’s most iconic ecosystems, transporting visitors into the light and shade of Tropical Queensland’s rainforest environment. Built around an awe-inspiring recreation of a quandong tree and featuring a slide and rope bridge, children can learn about rainforest plants and animals in a safe and fun environment.”
Recomendado por 15 habitantes locales
Centro comercial
“Castletown has everything you need. Woolworths, Target and speciality stores”
Recomendado por 11 habitantes locales
“The C-Bar makes an excellent long black with views out to Magnetic Island. Sit on the deck and spot turtles and dugon, while enjoying the licensed bar and locally sourced menu, cooled by the salty mist of the sea. A great place all year round”
Recomendado por 22 habitantes locales
Galería de arte
“It is an amazing walking track that takes you both sides of the river with free swimming pools and childrens parks”
Recomendado por 14 habitantes locales
“Awesome food & drinks, huge selection to sit and enjoy or take home with you. Great little handmade store in the complex too (Handmade Renegade) ”
Recomendado por 14 habitantes locales
Grocery or Supermarket
“Everything you need, including a liquor store, and bulk natural food 'the Source', and a Brumbies bakery here”
Recomendado por 8 habitantes locales
“Short 15 min walk along the Strand to Townsvilles most iconic Coffee and Gelato cafe.”
Recomendado por 15 habitantes locales
“A favorite for locals! The Quarterdeck offers amazing views and great food, perfect for an afternoon of drinks. The Splash bar features a swim up bar and is the City’s most stunning pool! Other dinner spots at the Casino are Miss Songs and the Palmhouse. ”
Recomendado por 12 habitantes locales
“Take a walk and stop for a ice cream, coffee, drink or a bite at one of the large range of places, including Juliette's, or a drink and bite at Longboards or Watermark”
Recomendado por 12 habitantes locales
“The greatest Buffalo wings you’ll ever eat! They also offer excellent cocktails with stunning views across to Magnetic Island. ”
Recomendado por 14 habitantes locales
“We rate 'A Touch of Salt' as the best fine dining in Townsville, a family owned and run business that takes pride in their food and service to customers. Also a great setting on the edge of the river, you can be seated inside in the air-conditioning or outside when the weather suits.”
Recomendado por 11 habitantes locales
“The dining scene in Townsville North Queensland has come alive with Townsville's first creative laneway precinct, City Lane, offering a bevy of dining options to tempt everyone's taste buds. City Lane is a sophisticated, New York inspired precinct complete with street art, funky décor and an atmosphere to match! The City Lane precinct truly is the day to night dining solution. The seamless combination of a somewhat contrasting collection of bars and eateries just works! City Lane has brought sophistication, vibrancy and style into the heart of Townsville City and is a 'must visit' while in Townsville North Queensland. Dining options within City Lane include: Born Wild, Donna Bionda, Sakana, Shaw and Co, The Courtyard, TheTaphouse and Zizigo Korean Cuisine. FACILITIES”
Recomendado por 17 habitantes locales