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Las mejores actividades en Tokio

Descubre la ciudad a través de los ojos de sus habitantes. Encuentra las mejores actividades, lugares para comer y recibe consejos invaluables de la gente que vive ahí.

“In Shibuya. It is a crossing where vehicles from all four directions are stopped and allows pedestrians to cross in every direction.”
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“This tiny little coffee shop started as a pop up store open for just 3 months. However it was so popular it is still running 3 years later. Located In the middle of a residential neighborhood close to Harajuku, the cafe is built as a cube frame sitting inside an old traditional Japanese home. Try the cube cakes!”
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“Spectacular Shrine - easy 5 min walk . The Hie Shrine (日枝神社 Hie Jinja?) is a Shinto shrine . Its June 15 Sannō Matsuri is one of the three great Japanese festivals of Edo (the forerunner of Tokyo). The main god of the shrine is Ōyamakui-no-kami. The date of establishment of the Hie Shrine is uncertain. According to one theory, Ōta Dōkan established it in 1478. Another theory identifies the Hie with the Sannō Shrine mentioned in a 1362 record of the Kumano Nachi Taisha. Tokugawa Ieyasu relocated it to the grounds of Edo Castle, and in 1604 his son Tokugawa Hidetada moved it out, so the people of Edo could worship there. The shaden was lost to the Great Fire of Meireki of 1657, and in 1659 Tokugawa Ietsuna rebuilt it at its present location. The shrine stands southwest of the castle, in the ura kimon direction according to onmyōdō. From 1871 through 1946, the Hie Shrine was officially designated one of the Kanpei-taisha (官幣大社), meaning that it stood in the first rank of government supported shrines.[1] The shaden was lost again to the bombing of Tokyo during World War II. The present structure dates from 1958. The Hie Shrine possesses one National Treasure, a tachi (single-edged sword). It also holds 14 Important Cultural Assets, 13 swords and one naginata. The shrine is also one of the most popular for Japanese families to visit during the Shichi-Go-San coming-of-age festival.”
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Restaurante especializado en ramen
“Famous Yokohama style Ra-men shop Always crowded. You have to wait for 30 min ”
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“A landmark ever since it opened, this department store has stayed at the forefront of Lolita fashion. The basement is where they carry the big brands that I love. This is a great place to get started with your first Lolita outfit, which you can expect to cost you around ¥100,000. There are always different pop-up shops at the entrance of the department store. Check them out—you never know what you’ll find!”
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“Asakusa Juroku Japanese food 【Weekday】7:30〜23:00 【Weekend】11:30〜14:00/18:00〜 Closed on Wednesday”
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“There is a cycling, jogging courses and the training room in the Komazawa Olympik park. It’s entire length is about 2.1 km. ”
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Restaurante italiano
“Italian restaurant lunch 11:00-15:00 dinner 17:00 - 23:00 Monday. Sunday and holiday 17:00-29:00 Tuesday to Saturday and before holiday. ”
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“It is a 100-yen shop. They sell a variety of items, each item is basically priced at 100 yen.”
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Colloquial Area
“This is another local favorite. Unlike Shibuya or Shinjuku, Kichijoji has everything you need, but in a smaller scale. It's an easy-to-walk commercial district. ”
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Sublocality Level 4
“Famous for Cheese Cake shop. You can enjoy 5 different DELICIOUS cheesecakes here.”
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“The world's largest Hello Kitty monument greets you as you enter the world's first Sanrio Gift Gate. It's a popular spot for commemorative photos as well as a fun store for all ages. ”
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Grocery or Supermarket
“You can have Sushi take away from the fish shop called "Uoriki" (魚力) in good value. You will get the point easily if you enter from "Shibuya mark city direction entrance < Inokashira line direction>( 渋谷マークシティ方面口)”
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“Public bath of a natural source. You will enjoy a black bath, just pay 460yen!”
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Sublocality Level 1
“Get on Romance Car from this station, takes you to Shinjuku about two hours. Local train takes you to Odawara about 15 minuts”
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