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Best things to do in Thessaloniki

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“Walk off your indulgences … … with a leisurely amble down the popular Thessaloniki promenade running along Megalou Alexandrou. This wonderfully-scenic boardwalk has themed micro-parklands (with names like “Garden of Afternoon Sun” and “Garden of Alexander”) and striking contemporary installations reminiscent of Barcelona. Make a selfie-stop at the famous “Thessaloniki Umbrellas” by Georgios Zoggolopoulos then continue on to Thessaloniki’s most recognised symbol The White Tower. Formerly known as the Tower of Blood, this civic icon was once a notorious prison and the scene of mass executions during the period of Ottoman rule. After Greece gained control of the city in 1912, its exterior was whitewashed, its interiors remodelled.”
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“Ladadika is one of the hot spots of Thessaloniki when it comes to entertainment. It is located in a central area right opposite to the port’s central gate and within a five-minute walk from Aristotle’s square. The colorful buildings are two-story with wide, rectangular windows and, along with the paved alleys, they exhale the spirit of old Thessaloniki. Here the old merges with the new.”
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“Thessaloniki’s bigger and trademark square. It goes all the way up to Egnatia St. so it’s up to you to decide whether to make it a part of your seafront walk or leave it for a separate walk in the city center itself. In any case, along Aristotle Sq. you’ll see some of the most beautiful buildings of the city, Electra Palace and Olympion Cinema being two of them. Aristotle Sq. hosts many music, social and cultural events throughout the year and is the center of all the Christmas decorations that give the city a postcardy feeling. Don’t forget to have your picture taken next to Greek philosopher and polymath teacher of Alexander the Great, Aristotle’s statue, somewhere on the right side of the square!”
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History Museum
“Impressive exhibits and rare collections. It is easily accessible from every part of the city, while it can be easily found without being an experienced traveler. Like many other destinations in the center of the city you’ll have the chance to combine your visit to the museum with other places of interest because of the small walkable distance between them. Impressive exhibits and rare collections Due to the city’s rich Ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine history the museum hosts a variety of exhibits that will impress every visitor. Beautiful samples of Roman architecture, unique colorful mosaics, sculptures and jewellery from the Greek Classical and Hellenistic period await you there… The most popular of them are known worldwide.”
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“The biggest shopping street in the north half of greece, with brands from around the world!”
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Bridal Shop
“Thessaloniki has a rich religious tradition. Orthodox, jews and muslims lived together for hundreds of years. Visit one of the biggest churches. If you re lucky you ll see a wedding or a baptism”
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“All time classic Good for all day with the best view in town At Thessaloniki's port”
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“The heart of the city's nightlife! This area is immensely popular among younger people and is always full of life, try to discover this beautiful area, is full of bars and places to eat, so its really worth it!”
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History Museum
“For many, the most important of the city’s museums, as Thessaloniki is arguably the city that has the most intense Byzantine character and beauty. The museum is housed in modern facilities that include advanced, well-organized conservation laboratories and storerooms. Hundreds of unique exhibits and artifacts throughout the entire Byzantine period are displayed in several different rooms. It has a rather imposing atmosphere while the presentations are well organized and informative.”
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“Do not miss out on the numerous little taverns with the traditional cuisine of Minor Asia and Macedonia that reflect the area’s history and cultural identity, at very reasonable prices.”
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History Museum
“Rotunda is a 4th century vaulted round building in Thessaloniki, similar to the Pantheon of Rome, and was intended for the temple of Zeus. Due to its non-use, it was converted by Byzantium into a Christian temple of the Assombled Forces, and after the Liberation of Thessaloniki, in 1912, it was dedicated to St. George. It is included in the Paleochristian and Byzantine monuments of Thessaloniki as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.”
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Tienda gourmet
“My favorite place for traditional Greek food! Very good prices and amazing quality of prodacts!”
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“The Arch of Galerius (Kamara) is perhaps the most distinctive and interesting roman structure of Thessaloniki. It is also one of the most popular destinations of the city along with the White Tower for both locals and tourists. The arch was commissioned as a triumphal monument by emperor Galerius in order to celebrate the victorious campaign against the Sassanid Persians in 298 A.D. and the capture of their capital Ctesiphon. ”
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“A historic destination within the Turkish Consulate Most of the furniture and personal objects placed inside the house are authentic while the missing items were replaced with other from Kemal’s mausoleum and Top Kapi in Istanbul. Several photographs decorate the interior walls depicting Kemal Ataturk in various important periods of his life.”
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“Post-lunch: Historic Highlights Walk from Ladidika through seafront Eleftherias Square – Thessaloniki’s prettier answer to Syntagma Square, up Eleftheriou Venizelou Street to the city’s most famous and holiest cathedral Saint Demetrius (Thessaloniki’s patron saint). His bones are entombed for viewing in galleries under the church. From there, you can access a number of Thessaloniki’s other major historic sights on foot: the Ancient Roman agora; Turkish hamman; and the Palace of Roman Emperor Galerius (250-311AD), one of the most important monuments of late antiquity.”
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“The Hagia Sophia in Thessaloniki, Greece, is one of the oldest churches in that city still standing today.”
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