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Lugares emblemáticos en Decentralized Administration of Thessaly and Central Greece

“Being in Athens and not visit Acropolis? No!?! Acropolis is a must. Breathe the clean air and enjoy the view from the ancient rocky hill that Socrates, Plato, Aristotles and many others inspired and shaped logic, founded ideas and gave birth to science. Discover the architecture of Parthenon and the maths behind the construction. Enjoy the tour!”
Recomendado por 384 habitantes locales
“You can get a break between visiting historical places of Athens, A lot of high trees to protect you from the sun.”
Recomendado por 307 habitantes locales
Track Stadium
“The Panathenaic Stadium is a classical cultural and touristic monument of Greece and one of the most significant monuments not only for Athens, but for the whole Greece. It is one of our city’s most popular touristic attractions and one of Athens’ landmarks. Its rich history is directly connected to the Modern Olympic Games as from their revival in 1896 until the Athens Olympic Games in 2004. It is also the place from where the Olympic flame sets up its journey to the cities of the Olympic Games, both Winter, Summer and Youth.”
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Sitio histórico
“Located on the northwest side of the Acropolis lies Ancient Agora. It is home to various monuments such as Stoa Poikile, Temple of Hephaestus, Mitroo, Tholos, Stoa of Attalos, Vouleftirion and the Altar of the Twelve Gods.”
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Sitio histórico
“Parthenon: an architectural wonder that inspired western art! 10-minute walking distance from the house. ”
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Sitio histórico
“The ancient theater which was built from Herodes in memory of his wife in AD 161. The theater was designed with an auditorium fitted into a natural hollow. Could accommodate nearly 5000 people. The orchestra was located in the center. Live performances are still held at this theater during the summertime!”
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Sitio histórico
“The Meteora – 4 hours from Athens. This is truly one of the wonders of Greece and is my favorite destination in mainland Greece. Monasteries are perched on the top of mountainous rocks. This an amazing and awe-inspiring sight.”
Recomendado por 34 habitantes locales
Sitio histórico
“Delphi is one of the most popular and most important archaeological sites in the country, once considered the center of the earth and once the home of the most important ancient Greek oracle.”
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“Kerameikos neighbourhood is named after the ancient cemetery of the city of Athens. Visit during all hours of the day.”
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“We are in about 20 minutes walk from the Acropolis. We extremely recommend to visit the site in the morning during the summer. The heat in the afternoon hours would not be recommendable. Save the afternoon to visit the museums nearby. ”
Recomendado por 44 habitantes locales
Sitio histórico
“The hill of Philopappos or hill of the Muses is located opposite of the Acropolis in a 12- minute walking distance from the apartment. On its top is the burial monument built in 114-116 AD, to honor Gaius Julius Antiochus Philopappos. ”
Recomendado por 37 habitantes locales
Sitio histórico
“A two-floor building, donated by the king of Pergamum Attalus to the city of Athens. It is thought to have been a kind of ancient commercial centre. Get an idea of everyday life in ancient Athens! ”
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“Visit the impressive Municipal Theater, the jewel of Piraeus, opposite Korai Square, where the heart of the city hits. It is considered to be one of the most remarkable examples of public architecture in Greece in the 19th century, but also as one of the best theaters in the Balkans!”
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Sitio histórico
“Erechtheion: the house of the Cariatides! 10-minute walking distance from the house. ”
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Monumento / Lugar emblemático
“I recommend you to see the monument of the unknowh soldier at Syntagma square and the change of guard. You can go by foot:,+Athens/Syntagma+Square,+Syntagma+Square,+Athens/@37.9798489,23.7436551,16z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x14a1bd55d4592039:0x54be4d7c6f86ed27!2m2!1d23.7605059!2d37.9819691!1m5!1m1!1s0x14a1bd3e923706ed:0x89933db077bb1e4!2m2!1d23.7348515!2d37.9755433!3e2?hl=en You can go by metro or by bus:,+Athens/Syntagma+Square,+Syntagma+Square,+Athens/@37.9796083,23.7436551,16z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x14a1bd55d4592039:0x54be4d7c6f86ed27!2m2!1d23.7605059!2d37.9819691!1m5!1m1!1s0x14a1bd3e923706ed:0x89933db077bb1e4!2m2!1d23.7348515!2d37.9755433!3e3?hl=en ”
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Sitio histórico
“In the front of the apartment is the Temple of Zeus . Is a former colossal temple at the centre of the Greek capital Athens. It was dedicated to "Olympian" Zeus, a name originating from his position as head of the Olympian gods. Construction began in the 6th century BC during the rule of the Athenian tyrants, who envisaged building the greatest temple in the ancient world, but it was not completed until the reign of the Roman Emperor Hadrian in the 2nd century AD, some 638 years after the project had begun. During the Roman period the temple -that included 104 colossal columns- was renowned as the largest temple in Greece and housed one of the largest cult statues in the ancient world.”
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