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Cómo moverse en La Haya

“Historic and quaint shopping street in Den Haag with its of beautiful stores and restaurants. It near the Plein, the mauritshuis, and the Binnenhof where you might also like to park your car in the underground garage "Plein".”
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“be sure to get an online discount. It's rather small but ok for a rainy day”
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Restaurante de mariscos
“ It is a lively attraction. Scheveningen harbour (haven in Dutch) is known for its excellent (fish)restaurants and cosy cafés.”
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Science Museum
“Large and very interesting museum for young and old. Lots of interactive things to discover more from our earth (culture and science). And with amazing National Geographic Photo Gallery. ”
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“the most famous and great Beach in the Netherlands, Swim, Relax, and eat green Fish and Seafood”
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Convention Center
“A great place to visit, with Sky High buildings, Shopping center, and so on..”
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Sala de conciertos
“Het Paard van Troje, or the Trojan horse, is a bar and concert hall in The Hague. Check the agenda on its website and who knows you can join a nice concert. ”
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“Uniquely built underneath Societeit de Witte. Different high quality expo's..”
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Tienda de ropa
“This is the quiet beach area of The Hague and is way less touristic, and more beautiful, than Scheveningen, the most popular beach area. It is slightly harder to reach though and contains less choice in terms of restaurants and bars, but definitely recommendable. Take bus 26 from the Bus Stop Megastores -- close to station Hollands Spoor - which brings you directly to Kijkduin, the last stop of the line. ”
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“Want to see a movie? Pathé Cinema has a wide variety of the latest box offices. ”
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“for those who like to take a winning chance....don't forget your passport...”
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Restaurante de mariscos
“The best fish restaurant in town. It has a terrace with a nice view over the yacht harbour.”
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Piano Bar
“One of the icons in Scheveningen. Features a piano with live music on many nights”
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“This garden is a small park that is owned by the Royal Family. However, it is open to the public. An ideal place to relax and drink a glass of wine. Easy to reach with Tram 16 towards Statenkwartier. Get out at the Noordwal tram stop. ”
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History Museum
“For history lovers, the Prisoner's Gate museum is a must see. Take a guided tour and he/she will tell you how the Kingdom of the Netherlands essentially started.”
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“Mister Chocolate, get your croissants, fresh OJ, newspaper and good coffee, to go or not to go. Almost our livingroom..”
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