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Las mejores actividades en Tbilisi

Descubre la ciudad a través de los ojos de sus habitantes. Encuentra las mejores actividades, lugares para comer y recibe consejos invaluables de la gente que vive ahí.

Botanical Garden
“The National Botanical Garden of Georgia formerly the Tbilisi Botanical Garden, is located in Tbilisi, capital of Georgia, and lie in the Tsavkisis-Tskali Gorge on the southern foothills of the Sololaki Range (a spur of the Trialeti Range). It occupies the area of 161 hectares and possesses a collection of over 4,500 taxonomic groups. Its history spans more than three centuries. It was first described, in 1671, by the French traveler Jean Chardin as royal gardens which might have been founded at least in 1625 and were variably referred to as "fortress gardens" or "Seidabad gardens" later in history.”
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Centro comercial
“Galleria Tbilisi is multifunctional shopping center, which revived center of the city and filled it with a new energy. It is destination for everyday needs, where it is possible to stop by for any petty detail – to shop, entertain, dine, get various services.”
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Centro comercial
“Tbilisi Mall is the first and largest such unique development in the Southern Caucasus to meet globally recognized standards. It is the most modern center to combine leisure, retail and entertainment in the Region. The outlets of well-known retail brands, department stores and banking facilities line the concourse. Other features include a multi-screen cinema, distinguished food court and a family entertainment center on the upper levels. Tbilisi Mall also benefits from a multi-storey free-of-charge car park, spread over four underground levels.”
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Sitio histórico
“Also called the Mother Fortress of Tbilisi, Narikala is an ancient symbol of Tbilisi’s defence. The fortress was established in the 4th century, around the period when the city itself was founded. It was then known as Shuris-tsikhe (Invidious Fort). The name Narikala is said to derive from a Persian word for citadel, but another theory says was the name that Mongols used, meaning “little fortress”. It was expanded considerably by the Arabs during the 7th and 8th centuries. The Arabs built the Emir’s palace within its walls. King David further extended the Builder the fortress in th 11th century. Most of the existing fortifications date from the 16th and 17th centuries. In 1827 it was damaged by an earthquake and was not resorted. St. Nikolos church, inside the fortress walls, dates from the 12th century. It was renovated in 1996. Narikala offers you some of the best panoramas of the city.”
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History Museum
“The Georgian National Museum presents internationally significant collections of art and dynamic, changing exhibitions, providing audiences with inspiration and knowledge of the wonderful world of culture, art, science and education. The evidences and proof of the oldest human existence in Eurasia are displayed together with magnificent Medieval Christian art, stunning gold and silver jewelry from the ancient land of Colchis, spectacular modern and contemporary paintings of Georgian artists and masterpieces of the Oriental, Western European and Russian decorative arts.”
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Point of Interest
“Many years ago, the King of Georgia discovered the sulphur springs in Central Georgia and decided to build a city surrounding them. And so, Tbilisi (warm place) was born. These days the sulphur springs are somewhat of a tourist attraction and many people visit daily for a soak, scrub and traditional massage beneath the domed roofs.”
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Entretenimiento en general
“Once a soviet sewing factory, that has been revived and transformed into a multi-functional urban space. Lost and forgotten in the historical part of Tbilisi, the former soviet sewing factory “Nino” is now the urban hotspot, for locals and travelers alike. With its striking “old-meets-new” attitude, the place oozes genuinely cool vibes blended with funky industrial elements.”
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Theme Park
“Beautiful walk in the park on the top of the City. Amazing view. Great for kids. (attractions kids friendly cafes etc.) Restaurants (lunch or dining) main building two-tree floor Take funicular (highly recommend) from the bottom of the park or drive by car or taxi. (you can walk from the house to the funicular station 15 min. ) Go there for lunch, on the ground floor restaurant of the main building where train takes you, at the bistro/restaurant, order "acharuli khachapuri (Georgian cheese bread/pizza and lagidze water( famous house lemonade) " at the restaurant on the top of the hill and enjoy the view of Tbilisi from the Top. as a dessert order "ponchiki" soviet hot desert like a dough ball with hot cream inside) best in town! or Fine dining with romantic view in the evening on the top floor restaurant, but in advance reservation required for seating on the terrace especially during the summer. Address: Mtatsminda plateau, 0114 Tbilisi, Georgia. Tel: +995 32 298 00 00 / 577 74 44 00 Email us: Top floor restaurant also very popular for weddings and banquets.”
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“If you enjoy nightlife and electronic music, then this place is going to have a huge impact on you. The night club is located under the Dinamo Arena and it's one of the most popular destination for clubbers in eastern Europe.”
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Opera House
“Tbilisi’s Opera House has a history spanning more than 160 years. Named after famous Georgian composer and founder of modern Georgian music, Zakaria Paliashvili, the project was initiated by the Russian Tsar’s viceroy to the Caucasus - Mikhail Vorontsov. Supposedly, the initiative to build the opera house was seen as an attempt to soothe unrest in Georgia in 1832, and give credit to the cultural policies of the Russian Empire in the eyes of the restive Georgian aristocracy. French writer Alexandre Dumas visited Tbilis in 1858 - 7 years after the completion of the Opera House - and wrote in his book, “Caucasus”, that he had “never seen any hall more spectacular than the one of Tbilisi Opera House in my entire life.” Throughout its history, the Opera House has sustained two raging fires, one in 1874 and a second in 1973. After six years of renovation works, the Tbilisi Opera House opened yet again in January of 2016, and hosted a performance of “Abesalom and Eteri” - one of Zakaria Paliahsvili’s most famous traditional opera scores. Step inside to be transported into a world long gone, but make sure to call ahead before going.”
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Estación de policía
“Sitting at the foot of the imposing hill capped by the Narikala Fortress and climbing the slopes is Tbilisi Old Town, a labyrinth of narrow streets where wooden balconies look down from old brick-build homes. Doorways lead to hidden courtyards an ancient vines climb to the skies using anything vertical for support. Parts have been comprehensively renovated, arguably a little too enthusiastically, so that some streets look like a Disney film set, though far more of these twisting alleys are untouched. They are ramshackle, cracked and crumbling but delightful, enchanting, picturesque and real. The style is a mix of two influences, the tight winding streets of an Asian or Arabic town interwoven with European, classical Russian and Art Nouveau architecture. The northern edge is the recently renovated Abanotubani area, famous for its Sulphur Baths and Meidani square with its many restaurants. Old Town’s main artery is Kote Abkhazi Street (formerly Leselidze) which connect Meidani with Freedom Square. In the North East corner, between Leselidze and the river, is Chardeni, a small area backed with bars restaurants, nightclubs and cafes, shoulder to shoulder along a series of pedestrian streets. To the west, Old Town melts into Sololaki area, a lovely and fascinating place to wander around, take photographs and explore Tbilisi.”
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Centro comercial
“East Point Tbilisi-shopping center Ист Поинт (East Point)-шопинг центр”
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Bar de cocteles
“If you are looking for authentic experience of Tbilisi, served with mouth-watering gourmet food and a memorable evening in an atmosphere that lets you travel back in time and experience best of what the city could offer, then Restaurant Funicular is a definite must-visit place during your visit to Georgia; ”
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“In the North of the city. Takes around 5 minutes and drops you near a small lake with some cafes. You can pay using a metro card (0.5 GEL per person).”
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Theme Park
“Mtatsminda Park is an amusement facility located atop Mount Mtatsminda on 770 meter height overlooking the Georgian capital Tbilisi. It is the highest point in Tbilisi. Located on more than 100 hectares. Park has more than 100 years history. Mtatsminda Park is the most popular theme park in Tbilisi. It is the best choice for fun and relaxation. You can find various Cafes, Souvenirs shops, child entertainment center, wedding house, picnic zones, a big Ferris Wheel at the edge of the mountain, offering a splendid view over the city, funicular tram and other fun attractions on the venue. Fresh air, fascinating view of Tbilisi, fun rides, attractions, constant events, excellent customer”
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Sitio histórico
“Narikala is an ancient fortress overlooking Tbilisiand the Kura River. The fortress consists of two walled sections on a steep hill between the sulphur baths and the botanical gardens of Tbilisi. On the lower court there is the recently restored St Nicholas church. Newly built in 1996–1997, it replaces the original 13th-century church that was destroyed in a fire. The new church is of "prescribed cross" type, having doors on three sides.[1] The internal part of the church is decorated with the frescos showing scenes both from the Bible and history of Georgia.”
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