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Top recommendations from locals

“為國內第一座以原住民為主題的私人博物館, 除了積極從事台灣原住民族文物蒐藏保存之外, 博物館藉由多樣化的教育活動促進台灣原住民族文化的推廣, 館內的常設展及特展也忠實地呈現了台灣原住民族的豐富的物質文化.The Shung Ye Museum of Formosan Aborigines was established in 1994 as a specialist museum founded on the collection and display of artefacts of Taiwan’s indigenous peoples. It is dedicated to promoting mutual understanding between different ethnic groups, through careful research, preservation and explanation of the essence of Aboriginal cultures. 15分鐘車程 / 15-minute drive from the Laurel House”
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Tienda de cerveza
“Great place for singing or partying with friends. They have an excellent menu for local Taiwanese food too. If you never experienced karaoke, let alone in Taiwan or Asia, definitely check it out! ”
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College Gym
“NTU Sports center with Indoor swimming pool and gym facility. Membership is not required.”
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Tienda de ropa
“生活服飾雜貨『Fujin Tree 355』藏身於日光洗禮下卻又綠蔭盎然的富錦街 在這充滿40年歷史 懷舊卻又舒適的空間裡 我們遇見了台灣許多美好的事物 也有許多具有國外獨特氣氛, 可以為我們日常生活增添色彩的好東西。「賦予生活中嶄新的發現並給予幸福的感動」 「讓人不驚讚嘆的『豐富文化』資源共享空間」 FB ⁄ FujinTree355”
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  • Recomendado por 1 habitante local