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Lugares emblemáticos en Susquehanna River

Sitio histórico
“Visit the most historic place in US: Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. Both the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution were signed at Independence Hall. ”
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Sitio histórico
“Independence Hall is the building where both the United States Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution were debated and adopted. It first opened in 1753. It is now the centerpiece of the Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.”
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History Museum
“Haunted house attraction during October. Historical site and the first penitentiary-style prison in the world. 15 minute walk away.”
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“Yes. Ooperstown is about half hour away and not to be missed, if you have a large party and not everyone want to go to the hall of fame ,that’s ok, Cooperstown has a day of fun for everyone in the family. Go visit the lake ,the other two museums,or just shop and sit Nd people watch ,pretend your a local enjoying the day go by. ”
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National Park
“This landmark-filled park covers 20 city blocks with museums, Independence Hall & the Liberty Bell.”
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Monumento / Lugar emblemático
“Go to do the required run up the steps and, like Rocky, arms in the air while jumping.”
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Memorial Site
“Visiting Philadelphia is not complete without a stroll down the famous parkway. Here you will find various museums and famous statues. ”
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Sitio histórico
“Because it's amazing, because the views are great and because you like to Bike”
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“Bethlehem is famously is for it's steel production, and this incredible ruin of one of the mills and factories has been transformed into an indoor/outdoor venue for festivals, shows, ice-skating, strolling, film, and on and on. ”
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Sitio histórico
“ Betsy Ross is best known for being the seamstress of the first American flag. ”
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Restaurante estadounidense
“Plan for a morning Sunday Hike on one of the many trails in Wissahickon followed by brunch at this spot! ”
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Sitio histórico
“ Tour operator specializing in trolley & double-decker-bus trips around town to see famous sights.”
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“This structure built in Japan in 1953 has a mural exhibit, plus tranquil, landscaped grounds.”
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Government Building
“One of five! But ours was founded first, when Philadelphia was still America's capital.”
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“Great day trip! Many great feature exhibits and the Museum is a fantastic step back in time. 2019 is the 50th anniversary of Woodstock. ”
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“Beautiful park for walking, jogging, picnicking, and just getting away from the stresses of the world. Highly recommended.”
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