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Los mejores lugares de culto según la gente local

Sitio histórico
“Peter and Paul Fortress marks the very spot St. Petersburg was founded. It was here, Tsar Peter erected a small wooden hut in 1703 AD and oversaw the construction of the mighty fortress. The bell tower of the Peter and Paul Cathedral. Peter and Paul Fortress also played the most crucial role during the Russian revolution and was later used as a prison. Make sure to tour the walls (you will have to pay a little extra fee) and enjoy the beautiful view of the river Newa and the Winter Palace on the other side. Read my full guide to Peter and Paul Fortress here.”
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“The colonnade of the St. Isaac’s Cathedral is the best viewing point in central St. Petersburg. 43 meters high above the downtown provide a 360-degree-panorama with major landmarks and marvelous landscapes below. It’s also accessible for disabled people. Read our guide and recommendations carefully before visiting as there are things you should keep in mind. Opening hours: from May 1 till October 31: 10.00 – 18.00 daily from November 1 till April 30: 10.00 – 18.00 daily expect third Wednesday of each month.”
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“the Savior on blood is the closest sightseeing from our flat its just opposite the windows”
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“The famous cathedral and square created in early XIX century with a target to resemble St. Peters Cathedral in Vatican. Closest connection by metro, right in front of the exit. ”
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“On of my favorite places - when you climb up to colonnade you get a chance to see places where Saint-Petersburg commenced as a city - first buildings (palaces and university), squares and yards. It's amazing panorama.”
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“Visit the graves of the rich and famous. If you don't want to pay to see the final resting place of Tchaikovsky or Dostoevsky, you can go through to the cemetery of the monastery for free, lots of revolutionaries and post-revolutionary heroes are buried here in lovely tree-lined grounds.”
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“Barocco masterpiece, created by Rastrelli. Very tender white and blue cathedral dazzles imagination. Built in 18th century.”
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“Памятник архитектурного стиля барокко. Один из красивейших соборов Петербурга. Рядом парк для прогулок. До Собора 15 минут пешком.”
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“Very, very beautiful square with a very beautiful church in the center on your possible way to the very recommendable summer garden”
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“Купола Собора видно от нашего дома. У него сильная и печальная история. Он мощный, огромный. ”
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“Oldest mosque in the city, very beautiful. You can go inside, but be ready to take off your shoes. And close to the mosque you'll find a funny place to buy traditional halal food”
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“В Петербурге всем религиям есть место. И это красиво, располагается недалёко от египетского моста, мариинского театра. ”
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“Святое место. Покровительница и защитница жителей Санкт-Петербурга и всех учащихся Ксения Петербургская. Перед поступлением, перед экзаменами здесь очень много студентов. ”
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“Beautiful 17 century church and a park 5' away from the territory of the Complex”
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“A great place to feel the hard and controversial history of St Petersburg and Russia in general. It used to be a cinema and then a casino. Then the place seized fire. Then it was abandoned for many year. And now it is being restored. The people inside will tell you more about it.”
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