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Parques y naturaleza en St. Louis

Los mejores parques

“Home of the historic 1904 worlds fair. Beautiful trails, golf courses, tennis courts, zoo, museums, outdoor amphitheater, restaurants, and more! ”
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“It's the Arch. If you're in STL it's kinda a must see. About an hour away. I'd say you'll want to go to the top too. ”
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“Incredible garden with a world class research presence. Japanese Garden is not to be missed, nor is the tropical rainforest housed under a gigantic geodesic dome.”
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“ Tower Grove park has been characterized as the largest and best preserved 19th-century Gardenesque style city park in the United States. This park is 289 acres of winding paths, symmetrical features, intense planting, and architecturally elaborate gates, pavilions, and houses. Also hosts a stellar farmers market with free yoga, QiGong, live music and top quality local produce, every Saturday from 8am-12pm located just west of the Pool Pavilion and the roundabout at Center Cross. ”
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“If you're making your way downtown, take a pit stop at City Garden. Here you'll find a delightful sculpture park nestled in the bustling city scape. At its center is one of Kaldi's Coffee locations, a stunning glass-enclosed building offering locally-roasted coffee, breakfast and lunch.”
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“This little hidden gem of a park will transport you to the era of "Meet Me in St. Louis".”
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“Designed by the creator of the City Museum, and just down the street! Admire the huge turtle sculptures and the snake that eats the overpass. ”
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Parques infantiles

“Nice quaint old world park plopped in the middle of St. Louis. You'll think you're in Victorian London.”
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