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Las mejores actividades en Sicily

Descubre la ciudad a través de los ojos de sus habitantes. Encuentra las mejores actividades, lugares para comer y recibe consejos invaluables de la gente que vive ahí.

Administrative Area Level 3
“Erice is a breathtaking medieval town located on the mountain above Trapani. Ideal place to go spend the afternoon, have their famous pastries and watch the sunset. You can get there by car or by riding a cable car from Trapani”
Recomendado por 94 habitantes locales
Restaurante italiano
“This small village in the heart of Sliema is mainly known for the great pubs and clubs it offers. It is a true party at night. ”
Recomendado por 114 habitantes locales
Point of Interest
“Set on the edge of a deep canyon amid desolate mountains, the 5th century BC ruins of Segesta, are one of the world's most magical ancient sites. Long before the arrival of the Greeks, Segesta was the principal city of the Elymians, an ancient civilisation claiming descent from the trojans that settled in Sicily in the Bronze Age. The Elymians were in constant conflict with Greek Selinunte, whose destruction ( in 409 BC) they persued with bloodthirsty determination. More than 100 years later, the Greek tyran, Agathocles slaughtered over 10.000 Elymians and repopulated Segesta with Greeks. Little remains of ancient Segesta today, save its hilltop theatre and never-completed Doric temple, yet the ruins' remarkable state of preservation and the majesty of their rural setting combine to make this one of Sicily's enduring highlights. ”
Recomendado por 66 habitantes locales
Centro comercial
“The Point Shopping Malta offers great shopping opportunities of leading world renowned brands, as well as a number of restaurants and cafes.”
Recomendado por 53 habitantes locales
“One of the most iconic place in Italy, a symbol of Norman culture in Sicily. Unesco's heritage since 2015, it represents one of the most demanded places among tourists. ”
Recomendado por 56 habitantes locales
“Festa of Saint Agatha is one of the biggest Christian celebrations in the world with around 1 million of participants every year.”
Recomendado por 51 habitantes locales
“In the nature reserve of Vendicari Noto (Sr), we find the pristine beach of Cala Flies. It 'a little gem brightly colored and very clear water. Suitable for a trip out of town to get.”
Recomendado por 50 habitantes locales
“Via Etnea is the main street of the historic center of Catania and it's the shopping street. Nearby there are many restaurants , bars, pubs and pizzerias .”
Recomendado por 59 habitantes locales
Sitio histórico
“one of the most famous place of Palermo, called also "piazza della vergogna" (shame) because of the naked statues. ”
Recomendado por 47 habitantes locales
Sitio histórico
“Officially known as Piazza Vigliena is a Baroque square crossing of the two principal streets in Palermo, the Via Maqueda and the Corso Vittorio Emanuele. The exact center of the historic city of Palermo (350 m from home!) ”
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“it's not just a touristic place, it's also where all palermitani go during weekends.”
Recomendado por 58 habitantes locales
Galería de arte
“It's a modern art museum and in the summer it hosts classic music concerts. ”
Recomendado por 42 habitantes locales
“A splendid circuit of Sicilian Baroque masterpieces characterizes the scene in the Piazza del Duomo at the heart of Catania.”
Recomendado por 68 habitantes locales
“The most famous beach in Palermo province, possibility of renting a boat. ”
Recomendado por 68 habitantes locales
“This “English Garden” was laid out in 1850-51 by the architect Giovan Battista Filippo Basile in what was considered to be the English manner”
Recomendado por 33 habitantes locales
History Museum
“Check the interesting history and amazing finds of this beautiful place, some of the objects shown to the public are in great condition.”
Recomendado por 53 habitantes locales