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Lugares emblemáticos en Shimane

Sitio histórico
“The contrast between the ruins of the dome and the scenic riverside is profound”
23recomendaciones de los habitantes
“It's said that the design of Hiroshima Castle, built, was based on the Jurakudai palace in Kyoto. It is known as a representative example of early modern japanese castle design. The view of the beautiful main tower from across the moat is a popular subject for photographers. the first floor of the main tower has exhibits of models and materials related to the construction of the castle, an area where visitors can try on the clothes worn by samurai, and a gift shop. The [hiroshima Castle Collection] is a permanent exhibit on the second floor. Samurai swords, armor, and helmets related to Hiroshima are on display on the third floor. Special exhibitions are held on the fourth floor.”
19recomendaciones de los habitantes