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Cómo moverse en Setúbal

Natural Feature
“Beautiful coastline - a natural reserve that is worth a visit if you are heading to Azeitão.”
75recomendaciones de los habitantes
“Troia (with ferry from Setubal). Endless white sand. For Troia you can take the ferry as a pedestrian and walk. For Comporta you need to bring your car, which is quite expensive (around € 50 return)”
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“Great food market where you can buy all kinds of fresh local food, from fresh fish to fresh vegetables. Everyday open from 07:00 until 14:30 (Besides Monday, closed)”
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Centro comercial
“mall, hypermarket, cinemas and other activities (live music, book launches ... etc)”
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“Wine tasting in one of Portugals oldest 'adagas' (wine cellars). With a interesting tour in English or Portuguese. The Periquita wine of this wine house originally comes from the hill our villa is built on. ”
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“Small, but stunning beach, slightly difficult to find and a 5 minute climb down the coastal road.”
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“The Troia Casino came to bring the nightlife to the Troia Peninsula, making it the epicenter of culture and animation entertainment.”
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“One of the best beaches in the Lisbon Region. Protected by the imposing Serra da Arrábida (Arrábida Mountain)s, Galapos Beach is a paradise on earth, with a beautiful blue and calm sea, and a beach with golden sand or too white. The crystal clear waters allow observing the bottom of the sea, which makes this beach an ideal place for diving or spearfishing”
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“Great place to hangout and drink wine, very cheap high quality wines from local producers”
18recomendaciones de los habitantes
“Observation of the resident community of bottlenose dolphins of the Sado River. Guided boat tour – visiting the Sado estuary and the Arrábida coast.... must go.”
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“Wine tasting in this 500 years old building with awesome portuguese brick walls. ”
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“The best non turistic restaurants of the country with special fresh fish and sea food are in Setúbal. Close to the ferry boat point there many of them. I reccomend all of them. Best "choco frito" of the whole world”
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“Ok, its not easy to get to, but you will not regret this full day trip. Particularly if its warm and summery. Take the bus to Setúbal from Gare do Oriente (2 per hour) (Metro: Oriente). This should take about 50 minutes. From Setúbal bus station, take a short walk to the Tróia Ferry terminal along the river. Catch the Catamaran to Tróia and spend the day spotting dolphins and exploring the beaches on the ocean-side of the peninsula.”
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Natural Feature
“the best view on Setubal, perfect to enjoy a cup of muscatel with a beautiful view. ”
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“It is one of the first buildings in the Manueline style, the Portuguese version of late Gothic. ”
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“Get lost in vast offer of sandy beaches Take the ferry in Setubal and you have arrived. Ask where are the beaches...”
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