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Las mejores tiendas

“Bar et restaurant. Menu du jour peu cher le midi et super bon ! Le bon plan pour manger à pris raisonnable sans passer par le fast food ! Bar and restaurant with cheap "day menu" at 12am ! Good way to eat well at a good price without eating fast food !”
  • Recomendado por 29 habitantes locales
“Simply great. It tastes good and has a crazy variety of different flavors of ice cream. Give it a shot if you're craving a bit of sweetness after you're had fries at Bintje & Zoet, another one of my favourites which right in front.”
  • Recomendado por 43 habitantes locales
Farmers Market
“A staple of the Croix-Rousse historic neighborhood, the Croix-Rousse food market has everything to cater for your tastebuds and nosetrils. Definitely the best place to shop for the next couple of meals, it offers fresh fish, fresh meat, fresh fuits and vegetables, and plenty of other amazing French delicacies. Best to go on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Plenty of cafés, bars and shops around to take a rest and soak up the atmosphere. Tuesdays to Sundays, 6am to 1pm.”
  • Recomendado por 31 habitantes locales
“De bonnes pâtisseries et boissons chaudes, bref un coffee shop très agréable! ”
  • Recomendado por 12 habitantes locales
“On eof my favourite place where to drink coffee and tea. It's also a place where you can meet many people from place in the world, even if I don't know why... Tchai tea latte !”
  • Recomendado por 33 habitantes locales
“Essayez la Praluline, c'est un délice ! Try the Praluline, it is awesome !”
  • Recomendado por 23 habitantes locales
“Wide choice of coffes and teas + good cakes and nice bright place to have breakfast or afternoon goûter... seat upstairs if you want nice couches”
  • Recomendado por 23 habitantes locales
“L'une des meilleures boulangeries de Lyon, près de l'Hôtel de Ville, (même si elle a fait des petits), ouverte en continu. Conseil : la tourte Kayser (gros pain rond au levain).”
  • Recomendado por 20 habitantes locales

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