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Best things to do in Rovigno

“Batana House is perhaps the first multi-media museum around the Mediterranean specifically dedicated to a fishing boat. The vessel in question is the batana, the traditional wooden boat of this region. It is still very much in use today – as you will find out should you head out at sunset in a batana expertly rowed by the one of the museum staff. As both sit in the romantically lit batana, they will explain the importance of the boat to Rovinj’s history and economy, from the intricacies of night fishing to the construction of the vessel itself. ”
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Galería de arte
“The Adris Gallery is an important cultural point in Rovinj. The Gallery was opened in 2001 by the highly profitable Adris Group. The Adris Gallery building, designed by Marijan Hržić, has characteristics of a multifunctional cultural space which hosts exhibitions of paintings, sculptures and also concerts. The Adris Group, in cooperation with the Modern Gallery in Zagreb, provides a systematic insight to works of the most famous Croatian modernist painters from the second half of 20th century, such as Edo Murtić, Oton Gliha, Vlaho Bukovac, Džamonja and others. By the Copyright law of the Republic of Croatia, when downloading the text from, you must also add the download sour ”
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