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Foro musical
“SO36 is a night club on Oranienstrasse which name comes from the historical area postcode: SO36 (SO stands for Südost, or South East). Home to Berlin's punk rock movement, the area of Kreuzberg is known for its alternative venues, where subcultures first emerged in Germany. Open Tue - Sat, from 21:00 to 05:00.”
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Bar gay
“A must-see bar in Berlin/Kreuzberg. I'm sure you've never seen anything like it!”
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“This French bistro located on Kreuzberg’s always popular Oranienstrasse is great to visit morning, noon or night. But their tasty brunches (meat & cheese plates) and rustic interior make it a great place for leisurely brunches.”
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“Great craft beer in a very exciting area! Grab a Döner at Hasir's or some loaded friest at Goldies (see above) and enjoy it there!”
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“one of the few places in kreuzberg where all cultures meet. lesbian arabs, old hippies & punks, young squatters, rock legends. good from early morning until late night”
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