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Lugares emblemáticos en Riviera Maya

Museos de arte

Museo de arte
“Such an interesting museum and so fun to take unique photos, a guide will go with you and take all the photos for you as well as coach you on where to stand. FUN ”
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Museos históricos

History Museum
“This is a tour that will bring you back in time to the Mayan culture to now. You will be able to sample some of the best tequila made in the state of Jalisco.”
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Miradores panorámicos

“Muy bonita playa, con una excelente escuela de kitesurfing para niños y adultos!, si estas buscando aprender o solo la experiencia esa es tu playa!”
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“After dark the park comes alive. Grab some churros or an elote and watch all of the kids having fun.”
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Sitios históricos

“Look for Planetario Sayab Facebook page for scheduled activities. - Chronological Museum about local nature & fauna. - Astronomic scheduled observations & conferences with Astronomers, Biologists, PhD s, etc. - Mondays closed.”
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Línea de autobús
“The ADO bus station can turn your travel plans into a reality. They offer inexpensive transportation to many nearby towns.Schedules on posted online at the ADO site or at the local ADO office. The best deal for traveling to and from the airport. Watch your bags and electronics.”
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Sitio histórico
“El Portal Maya es una polémica escultura de José Arturo Tavarez Padilla que ha ido ganando su lugar como punto de referencia playense. Se trata de un monumento que reúne 60 toneladas de bronce de 16 metros de altura y 16 metros de longitud. The Maya Portal is a controversial sculpture by José Arturo Tavarez Padilla who has been gaining his place as a point of reference in Playense. It is a monument that gathers 60 tons of bronze of 16 meters of height and 16 meters of length.”
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Sitio histórico
“Ruinas mayas de Tulum , una de las pocas ciudades que construyeron junto al mar. MAyan ruins of Tulum , one of the few cities that were built close to the ocean.”
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Línea de autobús
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Otros lugares al aire libre
“Iconic and very old town in Cozumel. The square is lined with small shops selling local arts and crafts. A fun half-day trip. Cedral holds a fair that has made it famous: bullfights, cock fights, rodeo, typical foods, folkloric dancing, horse riding, etc.”
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