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Esenciales en Reikiavik

“This is my favourite restaurant in Reykjavik, is a small family restaurant run by the beautiful Icelandic / Californian couple Íris and Lucas that met in Italy so the menu is all Italian based and they only use raw material so top quality food and taste together with a small and cosy ambient, perfect for brunch on the weekends and aperitivo that can run together with dinner in the evening. ”
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Tienda de vinos
“In the city (and all of Iceland) you have to buy alcoholic drinks for home consumption (wine, beer and spirits) in state run Wine stores ("Vinbúð" in Icelandic). This one is closest to our home.”
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Tienda de quesos
“Offers good fish courses at a reasonable price compared to other restaurants in the area.”
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Delicatessen y ultramarinos
“The local shop where you can everything from groceries to toys. Open 11:00-23:30 every day. Very good vibe and helpful staff.”
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“This is a full size super market and prices are as good as they get in Reykjavik and Iceland. You go here to stock up on food and drinks.”
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Tienda de vinos
“Liquor store. In Iceland you can only by wine and beer in special liquor store called „Vínbúðin“. No wine or beer are sold in supermarkets. ”
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Tienda de vinos
“The government sells wine and spirits in special stores called Vínbúðin. You can´t buy it anywhere else except restaurants and bars. ”
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“Vínbúðin is a governmental store that sells alcohol (wine, beer and spirits) to take home. Beware that all drinks sold from other stores have a maximum of 2,25% level of alcohol.”
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Tienda de comestibles
“This is a 24 hour supermarket located just around the corner from our house. Very nice to have in case you need something quickly but not necessarily recommended for heavy groceries shopping.”
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“Good variety in a store that doesn´t look that big. They have ready-made chicken, sheepsheads (Kjammi) and fries to go. Also prepared food to take home to cook. ”
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“Here you will find the lowest price on groceries. A 15 min walk from my apartment. ”
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Tienda de vinos
“In Iceland liqour is only sold in special stores called Vínbúðin, there in one located only ca 10min walk from the apt.”
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“Lyf & heilsa Inc. is one of the best know retail names in Iceland, providing medicine, health and beauty products as well as guidance to personal wellbeing. ”
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“The largest grocery store in my neighborhood. Only a 15 min walk from my apartment ”
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“Lyfja Pharmacy is open until midnight. There are also 2 pharmacies in Glæsibær, in walking distance from the apartment”
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“Kronan is another budget grocery store in Iceland and another one of our favorites because there are lots of locations around the country, especially in the south and around Reykjavik. Kronan stores offer a larger meat and dairy section as well as fresh foods as opposed to Bonus. If you are looking to buy lots of fresh foods Kronan is a good option. Kronan also offers a variety of healthy food options as well.”
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