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Tiendas de abarrotes en Puerto Escondido

“There are lots of great stalls here. When the market does not have construction work going this is the layout. 1. local sellers selling small amounts of produce can be found on entering the market and going towards the left on the side of the market at the weekends. 2. Small producers sell their wares on the right hand side as you go in the main entrance, past the flowers and shoes. 3. We buy fish here and go to any of the stalls. To make fish steaks ask for 'lomo'. 4. If you are looking to buy varied fruit and vegetables and coal for the BBQ, the vendor at the last stall on the right has a good variety and also sells quesillo (local Oaxacan cheese) and tlayudas ( large tortillas that crisp up when grilled) 5. Local cheeses bottom left hand side; you can usually ask to taste with a smile, 'me da la prueba por favor?' 6. Fresh tortillas can be bought from the ladies making them on the left hand side of the market on the street side. Weirdly, they are in a cage. ”
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“Good supermarket, easy to find in Puerto Escondido. Look for - delicatessen aisle for Thai spice pastes, fancy pasta, olives etc Their own brand olive oil is fine Wide variety of wine and spirits They sell very good homemade potato chips, transparent bag and spicy peanuts (usually by the cheese/frozen produce) Organic milk and almond milk Natural yoghurt if you want it without sugar make sure to read the ingredients. Their own bread from the bakery isn't bad. Ham, cheese etc (they sell feta for example) Suncream, Shampoo etc Good for baby things, diapers, creams etc”
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Delicatessen y ultramarinos
“Good little supermarket by Carizalillo beach. Sells Tilamook (?) cheddar and a lot of other cheese Cold white wine Selection of booze Products from Costco Asian products Pasta and noodles ”
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“Good spot for organic produce sells tempeh cookies vegetables peanut /almond butter by the weight tahini incense to keep mosquitos away.”
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