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Las mejores actividades en Portland

Descubre la ciudad a través de los ojos de sus habitantes. Encuentra las mejores actividades, lugares para comer y recibe consejos invaluables de la gente que vive ahí.

“The world's largest book store is as amazing as you might expect. Make sure you check out the revolving art gallery on the top flour. My favorite aisles of this monster store are food, travel, and art.”
548recomendaciones de los habitantes
“Forest Park is over 8 miles of trails surrounded by the trees. It is in NW Portland, only about a 30-minute drive. It is a very special hiking experience. ”
561recomendaciones de los habitantes
“The Garden sits nestled in the West Hills of Portland, Oregon overlooking the city and providing a tranquil, urban oasis. A part of Washington Park, where you can also find the Rose Garden.”
431recomendaciones de los habitantes
“An old elementary school purchased by a local real estate family that has been re-purposed with 4-5 bars, 2 restaurants, a movie theater, and a soaking pool. Great place to spend a cold afternoon.”
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Restaurante tai
“Not walk-able from the house, but worth the drive/LYFT. The spicy chicken wings are an all-time favorite! Mouth is watering just thinking about them!”
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Science Museum
“Oregon Museum of Sciences and Industry ... super fun stop for kids and adults alike! Just a few miles north along the river...a bike trail will take you straight there :) ”
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“This place offers the best vista of Portland you can find. It's accessible by bus but is much easier by car. The mansion itself is a fun and informative place to tour.”
322recomendaciones de los habitantes
Museo de arte
“Definitely worthy of a visit to Portland premier art museum. A beautiful, serene space that will inspire.”
362recomendaciones de los habitantes
Restaurante americano moderno
“One of Portland's top rated restaurants on Yelp! Just a 5 minute walk from the house!”
331recomendaciones de los habitantes
Restaurante de comida sureña
“One of the most famous restaurants in all of Portland. A must visit but you'll have to go early if you want to beat the rush.”
240recomendaciones de los habitantes
“Salt & Straw is one of those places you'll find on a blog telling you what to eat, drink, and do in Portland. And that's because it's amazing. Go try all the flavors. Seriously.”
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Tienda de donas
“Back in the 90s they used to serve Robitussen-filled donuts with Rolaids crumbles on top that you could chase down with a Pepto-latte for that hangover you just about died from. A bit less illegal and a tad more surgery, you now have to wait in a long line, but it's worth it. ”
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Bar de rock
“Local Music venue and indoor outdoor bar. Great for a night out or just a quick rest. ”
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“Local artists sell everything from clothing to cat toys and fine art to jewelry in this bustling market under the Burnside Bridge. They're open March through December 24th.”
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Botanical Garden
“A must-see, Portland's amazing Rose Garden, with lots of natural areas to explore, including the Japanese Gardens.”
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“It's classic and modeled after Central Park in NYC. Great for a jog on the paths, open (non fenced) dog area and playground. There's a duck pond too!”
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