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Escena gastronómica en Portland

Restaurante tai
“Famous Thai food that started a trend. Make a reservation and go to nearby Whiskey Soda Lounge to wait for your table. Salt and Straw ice cream, Bollywood Theater and other places are nearby on popular Division. ”
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“Another great McMenamins, view unique art unique to each building they restore. Each place is a unique amazing experience that we just can't get enough of or their craft beers, or craft wines, or craft spirits they make!”
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Restaurante americano moderno
“ One of the best breakfast/brunch/dinner spots in the neighborhood and an easy 15min walk. There is almost always a wait but it's quick... walk around the hood while your table awaits.”
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Restaurante de comida sureña
“If your in the mood for southern comfort food, then this is the place to get it! They have great chicken and waffles and homemade grits straight from the South! Be prepared to wait in line for quite a while, especially on the weekends. We would say its worth the wait!”
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Bar de rock
“American fast-food style burger in a bar/restaurant with a nice outdoor patio. Most pubs in the neighborhood offer good, hefty burgers with plenty of dressings, this is a simpler, slightly smaller one, but solid and satisfying. This restaurant is attached to the lovely Mississippi Studios music venue.”
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“Great way to start a Saturday downtown. Vendors with art, crafts, food carts with great views.”
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“One city block transports you a world away to an historical Chinese Scholar’s garden and residence. The detailed stone walkways are my favorite.”
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Tienda de donas
“You will find lines down the block late at night. This is a Portland institution. You can always tell the tourists. They are walking around with the big pink boxes of Voodoo Donuts. All shapes, sizes and types of donuts.”
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Lugar para desayunar
“Classic - everything is good! Arrive early so you don't have a 2 hour wait.”
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“Fresh Mexican cuisine with killer margaritas. Always showing soccer on the small television at the bar. Authentic Portland vibe with the funky decor. Nice patio and sidewalk outdoor seating options. Very friendly, enthusiastic staff.”
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“Laid-back pub and Theater with billiards, snooker & a 7-story-high ceiling.”
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Restaurante de comida sureña
“Open 7 am - 3 pm, Monday - Sunday. 20 min from PDX. Hot, flaky biscuits piled high with decadent toppings. Try The Chatfield, a sweet + savory sandwich. ”
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Restaurante especializado en carnes
“Take in the city from 30 floors up. Save money and grab happy hour in the lounge”
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Restaurante indio
“Excellent Indian street food with rich flavor, in a cool atmosphere with side walls open to the outdoors on warm days plus outdoor seating. Yes, get the Pork Vindaloo and the Dahi Papri Chaat - you will be hooked!”
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Restaurante mexicano
“amazing mexican food, completely fresh and homemade, with more variety than any mexican restaurant you've ever tried.”
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Barbacoa y grill
“Really great bbq and fun neighborhood with the Dekum five points and Breakside Brewery nearby. ”
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