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Las mejores recomendaciones de la gente local

Desde los lugares más famosos hasta las joyas escondidas: descubre qué hace única a la ciudad con la ayuda de la gente local que mejor la conoce.

“Declared a national park in 1980, this island ecosystem has a story of its own. Rich in marine life, Kornati national park is equipped with 8 hiking tracks leading up viewpoint overlooking the entire park. Rich in animal life, there are over 850 living species in the sea, making it perfect for snorkelling and discovering new depths.”
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Natural Feature
“The largest island in the group of 150 islands where you can enjoy the beautiful views, food and swimming or diving...”
  • Recomendado por 28 habitantes locales
“The Kornat Islands are the densest archipelago in the Mediterranean. Because of ambiguous criteria of the definition of an island in general, there is no general agreement about their number, but it is somewhere around 150. The size of the area in which they are located is about 320 square kilometres. Boat trips are available from the town of Biograd.”
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Travel Agency
“There are two National parks in the area. One includes around 90 islands - NP Kornati, and the other is on river Krka – NP Krka. Absolute must see. ”
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Natural Feature
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“NP Kornati in Biograd n / m, or from Zadar are organized excursions to the Kornati many agencies in the price include lunch”
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