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Las mejores actividades en Karon

Descubre la ciudad a través de los ojos de sus habitantes. Encuentra las mejores actividades, lugares para comer y recibe consejos invaluables de la gente que vive ahí.

Monumento / Lugar emblemático
“Must see place. Try coconut icecream, look at monkeys (6pm), climb to 45m statue of Buddha, listen for monks prayers, get lucky strap on the wrist, pray for luck and health. Wonderful pictures and views.”
108recomendaciones de los habitantes
“Beautiful, clean, cozy, popular and large Nai Harn beach with magnificent waves, clean sand and nice local cafes.”
54recomendaciones de los habitantes
“KATA BEACH South of Phuket Island there’s a beach called Kata Beach (one of the 20 plus beaches on the island) famous for being one of the most beautiful, and it’s not a coincidence that some of the biggest 5-star hotels are here. Furthermore, Kata Beach and its small town of “Kata” are well known as ideal places for families and couples, for people who love to relax whilst at the same time want a holiday with all the comforts. Kata Beach Phuket, historically known as a fishing village, has expanded in total harmony with nature, mixing Thai tradition with modern and variegated tourism necessities. It boasts one of the most beautiful and least contaminated beaches in the country. Kata is located behind a promontory south of Karon and is divided into two bays, Kata Yai (big Bay) and Kata Noi (small bay), Kata is an interesting beach. With its white silky sand, it’s considered one of the most relaxing and family-friendly destinations of Phuket Island as well as being one of the least contaminated around. The beautiful Kata Bay, a few minutes south of Karon Beach, attracts and charms many visitors with its white beaches and crystal clear waters. Very popular among families and couples, Kata beach is also many tourists’ favourite thanks to its luxuriant tropical vegetation and its palm trees along the beach, excellent restaurants, shops, scuba diving centers, and lively but not noisy nightlife. From May to October, a lot of surf enthusiasts come to Kata where many international contests take place, while this beach is a real paradise for sun and suntan lovers from November to April. ”
38recomendaciones de los habitantes
“Karon Viewpoint (which used to be Kata viewpoint) is one of the most frequented viewpoints in Phuket. From here, it is possible to take in views of Kata Noi, Kata Yai and Karon beaches. Located between Nai Harn and Kata Noi beaches, the viewpoint is busy most days of the year and is a staple of many tour itineraries. Called locally ‘Khao Saam Haad’ (Three Beaches Hill), the local municipality for some reason has officially renamed it ‘Karon Viewpoint’. It’s located just to the south of Kata Noi Beach and looks out directly out to the Andaman Sea but most people have their cameras trained due north at the undeniably impressive eight-kilometre vista of the three west coast beaches with Mom Tri’s Villa Royale in the foreground and the distant Hilton Arcadia on Karon Beach in the background. ”
18recomendaciones de los habitantes
Natural Feature
“Crystal clear water, white sand, beautiful tropical beach ideal for swimming. ”
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“6 kilometers of well developed cleanest beach. Famous squirking sand. Must try!”
25recomendaciones de los habitantes
“So much fresh seafood every day catch from local fisher man there and the food you can choose how you wanted cooked.”
24recomendaciones de los habitantes
Place of Worship
“If you are in Phuket, you should visit the big Buddha. It's an incredible ride up the mountain and the views are truly stunning... If you would like a spirit be there at 6.30 h in the morning. ”
37recomendaciones de los habitantes
“Great coffee and fine cuisine, get your breakfast there to energize you for day of adventure.”
10recomendaciones de los habitantes
“Kata noi is rarely overcrowded and always clean with sparkling water. My personal favourite. Plus its only 15 minutes ride away. : > Oh stay for the sunset, its amazing!”
20recomendaciones de los habitantes
Health Food Store
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Lugar para desayunar
“Im in there nearly every morning for the smashed avocado and poached eggs on half a french loaf, there ice Americano is to die for to.”
7recomendaciones de los habitantes
Tienda de ropa
“Surf House Phuket is every surfer’s dream: a place where you can ride the waves every day no matter what the weather conditions. Surf House is a vibrant place to be. Apart from the pool area, there’s a trendy and busy café/restaurant to the side with cool sounds, bamboo trimmings, buffed concrete floors, heavy wooden furniture, and wall-mounted mini surfboards as a decorative theme. Located by the Kata/Karon administrative offices at Kata Beach, Surf House is centered on a high-pressure wave-generating machine that throws a four-inch-deep sheet of water up a sloping ‘pool’. Beginner surfers hold onto a guiding safety rope held by a staff member and, if they happen to fall or slip, instead of falling downwards the strong water flow ensures they fall upwards. Surf House Phuket is a world to itself and as a result, it is tremendously popular.”
24recomendaciones de los habitantes
Point of Interest
“If you have time for 3-4 hrs. The hiking to big buddha activity is very interesting. It start from the village at the bottom and hiking up to the hill of 340 meter height. There is a good experience and very good exercise for everybody, It' not too hard, children from 6 yrs old can join the trekking. On the way to the top you can see many thai fruits tree, Thai village and very good view of ocean. ”
16recomendaciones de los habitantes
“Sinbi Muay Thai Camp in Phuket Thailand is a traditional gym which focuses on providing excellence in Muay Thai training. Its location near the most beautiful beach on Phuket, Nai Harn Beach, makes it one of the most desirable gyms on the island to visit and train at. Sinbi Muay Thai gym exists to support and train our young Thai fighters as well as to provide real Muay Thai training to students from other countries who wish to improve their fitness/technique. The exceptional quality of training at the gym is exemplified by the fact we regularly attract the best fighters in the sport who choose Sinbi when they have a fight South of Bangkok. For example Saenchai Sinbimuaythai previously trained here for 1.5 years and the likes of Saiyok Pumpunmuang can sometimes be seen at our Muay Thai training camp.”
9recomendaciones de los habitantes
“Ao Sane a quiet and cozy beach located near the famous Nai Harn beach in Rawai District. Here you can not only sunbathe and swim, but also snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, and a snack in a restaurant located right on the beach. The water here is always of amazing color, and the atmosphere of serenity reigns on the beach. Have you been here? ”
19recomendaciones de los habitantes