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Parques y naturaleza en Isere

“Pour les animaux et la course a pied If you want to enjoy a zoo or for runners ”
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“Take the telepherique/cablecar up to Bastille or hike up the steps for a magnificent view of the city. It is a military fort built in the nineteen century during the war. It now features fun attractions like the cave, views, restaurants and zipline.”
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“So much to see, you can spend as little as 2 hours or a full weekend trekking, or weeks”
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Jardín de esculturas
“The Ideal Palace is unique builing, built from 1879 to 1912 by the postman Ferdinand Cheval. During this period of 33 years he built this construction stone for stone, patiently and persistent, collecting stones during his daily post tours. Since 1969 it is classified as an histoical monument. The Palace is located in Hauterives in France (around 100km from Presbytère Stefanus)”
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“Jeux pour enfant, skate Park, terrain de seety, terrain de basket, aire de promenade... Ce parque est vraiment très agréable! Games for children, skate Park, seety field, basketball court, walkway ... This park is really nice!”
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“A l'écart de la ville, possibilité de baignade, barbecue, etc. Accessible par piste cyclable à vélo (20km!) / Outside the city, you can go for a swim in the lake... accessible via cycling lane (20km)”
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“This is a great place for running or walking or simply sitting and enjoying the greenery and fresh air. In the summer it is an ideal place to relax. Sometimes there are also events held here.”
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“Local artisans selling their ceramics, stained glass works, jewelry, hand made crafts, hand made bespoke childrens' clothing, book shops, cafés, etc. ”
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“Un des plus beaux parcs de la région et accessible en 20 minutes de voiture. ”
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“Eté comme hivers, de multiples activités et promenades dès 30 minutes de voiture.”
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“Beautiful setting and really fascinating tour of the old "Chateau Lumière"... make sure you have a good 90 minutes.”
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Otros lugares al aire libre
“Partez à la découverte de cet îlot de nature préservé surplombant les deux plus beaux lacs de France. Le massif des Bauges, labellisé « Geopark », est un formidable espace de découvertes. Le paysage s'y décline en villages blottis, prairies et forêts, entourés d'impressionnants reliefs calcaires.”
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“Symbolic open air swimming-pool from the 50's and along the Rhone river. Newly rehabilhated, it can be used during the whole year. Be careful, very crowdy during spring/summer time.”
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Ski Area
“Entre balade, vue imprenable et activité nordique l'hiver (ski de fond, piste, raquette, chien de traineau ...)”
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“Good for running, walking around, bike riding, chilling, having a lunch on the grass!”
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“Nice garden with an amazing view. In the summer, there might be concerts on thursday night.”
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