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Best things to do in Idaho Falls

History Museum
“Family friendly and neat seasonal exhibits! They also have monthly “adult” nights with wine/beer and some sort of game (ie- trivia, scavenger hunts, etc) ”
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Museo de arte
“The Art Museum of Eastern Idaho (TAM) has championed the visual arts since 2002 through innovative and stimulating exhibits and its focus on educational art programs. Located on the greenbelt walkway overlooking the Snake River in Idaho Falls, TAM is home to five galleries, a children’s interactive art learning area, an art classroom/workshop area and an eclectic gift shop. As the only art museum in eastern Idaho, TAM serves as a cultural gathering place where individuals of all ages and abilities gain confidence and independence in the creative process through exploration and self-expression.”
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“Interactive arts center for kids. Fun green screen, turbo twister slide, virtual creation stations. A very short walk away.”
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“Offer more than 100 exhibits of collections including dolls, antiques, and more.”
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