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Desde los lugares más famosos hasta las joyas escondidas: descubre qué hace única a la ciudad con la ayuda de la gente local que mejor la conoce.
“"Entreamigos is a Community and Educational Center working everyday to provide educational opportunities to local children and young people in San Pancho. We truly believe that education is the flagpole of the future. Many families in town have to really make an extra effort to pursue education." You can shop in the Galeria for beautiful hand-made jewelry, glassware, children's toys and many more creative gifts for giving. Any and all recycling that occurs in San Pancho is done by EA, you must go visit the facilities. And taking an actual tour will blow your mind!”
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“Si te gusta el chocolate, este es el lugar perfecto para ti! Cacao natural en todas sus presentaciones!! Bebidas, chocolates, brownies, delicioso, te encantará! ”
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Point of Interest
“Es un centro comunitario infantil con biblioteca que lleva a cabo actividades lúdicas y recreativas con los niños y no tan niños a través del arte, educación y reciclaje. ”
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“San Pancho is a small and stylish town driving 25 minutes north from our bungalow at Nuevo Vallarta and 5-8 minutes driving north from Sayulita. Place is magic, lit bit more quiet and calm than Sayulita but still perfect to enjoy a great beach day and some surfing! The town is beautiful, the ideal place to have a relax and sunny day with a cold beer in hand! Main Street is full of little restaurants from Mexican food, seafood and burgers, ribs and even some vegan and healthy choices! We always have breakfast a place call “Las Marias ”, it’s a good and tasty place, it’s just the option we like but there are plenty others arround!! If you like surfing you’ll find lots of surf shops and stylish little shops arround, just like Sayulita, and not to mention waves but they are so fun when it’s pumping! that you’ll probably gonna catch a good one if your lucky!! Beach is large and calm to enjoy a drink while watching the surfing or just to get a good tan after a good swim. Sandy and magic is how we define San Pancho!”
  • Recomendado por 25 habitantes locales
“This wonderful circus arts program is the creation of Gilles Ste-Croix, the founder and creative director of Cirque du Soleil. We are fortunate in that Gilles and his wife have a home in San Pancho and spend many months a year here and opened this school for the local children of San Pancho in 2011. For years our own daughters have been students at this school and performing in the big spring show each year. Peak in and see some classes! In the mornings there are classes for adults as well. There is a small office just to the left of the entrance if you have any questions.”
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Point of Interest
“Our primary plaza, the Plaza del Sol, is right across from our church named after our patron St. Francis. There are frequent happenings on the Plaza. All sorts of arts group perform there. One of the most impressive is the San Pancho music festival. Founded and organized by Chas Ehlers, an internationally known jazz pianist (think Jakarta Jazz Festival), we have three days of GREAT MUSIC. ”
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Gimnasio/Centro de fitness
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Travel Agency
“San Pancho is a sanctuary for birds. Luis Morales offers regular tours of the lagoon area and also a stretch of jungle, where you get to see two different types of birds. These tours get a five star rating from TripAdvisor. ”
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