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Parques y naturaleza en Honkomagome

Las mejores recomendaciones de la gente local para disfrutar la naturaleza

“The Rikugien Gardens are located in a residential part of Bunkyo City, in the north of Tokyo. Nearby attractions include Ueno Park, Nezu-jinja Shrine, and the University of Tokyo's Koishikawa Botanical Garden. If visiting in autumn or spring, consider spending an entire day exploring these seasonally gorgeous attractions.”
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“This garden was built for the shogun during the Edo period to exemplify just what a Japanese garden should be. It features a small pond, lush trees, and a hill. It’s a jaw-dropping spot to see the sakura cherry blossoms in the spring. In the winter, they put up lights around the park. Having a place like this in the center of Tokyo is a miracle. The park’s name refers to the six elements of classic Japanese waka poetry, which are reflected in the garden’s natural features—it’s like walking through a poem!”
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