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Parques y naturaleza en Ho Chi Minh City

“Park with a dining area, cheap shopping and a variety of souvenirs with rooms in the way of Vietnam The park is located right next to Bui Vien street”
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“ Lush park for strolls & recreation Leafy public park featuring manicured gardens, a Buddhist temple, play areas & sports facilities.”
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Plaza para peatones
“In the beautiful Pedestrian street, you can do your shopping, going out or just take a walk!”
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“The green and spectacular space which allows you to feel calm even in the hottest time of the days.”
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“Beautiful park with old trees, temple, garden and swimming pool at 5 minutes by walk”
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“Hồ Bán Nguyệt (Halfmoon Lake) - located just outside and around Cresent Mall. Hồ Bán Nguyệt has been famous for being an iconic dining and getting around area for families, friends and group activities. The path along the lake leads to Stars Bridge (Cầu Ánh Sao) - a short bridge decorated with hundreds of tiny lights that will be lit every nights.”
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“At Floor 49 of Bitexco Financial Tower, at height around 178 metres, there is an observation deck, Saigon Skydeck, open to the public daily and offering 360 degree panoramic views of Saigon.”
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“It is one of the most precious parks in Saigon. This can be your green break after visiting the Notre Dame Saigon, Independence Palace and museums nearby. If you are thirsty, you can try a fresh, cool and sweet coco nut from a street vendor or step in Starbucks Coffee in Han Thuyen. Starbucks Han Thuyen has a great view to the park.”
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“Gia Dinh Park is also known as the green lung of Ho Chi Minh City located in Go Vap, Tan Binh and Phu Nhuan districts. Today, the park has an area of 32 hectares with about 1000 green trees of various types and more than 60,000m2 of grass and a play area with 20 games completely free for children. ”
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“This is the best place to visit for families with children. There are a lot of animals, temples, old trees, amusement park is also there. Entrance fee 80 000 VND (4 USD)”
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“A nice nearby greeny park to stroll around in the morning =) Lots of eateries lying around”
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“Cong cafe got the name from Viet Cong or the VC from the Vietnam war, and the coffee shop's concept for decoration following the old Saigon style ”
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“you can come to the resort to enjoy the sights Van Thanh nature, capturing beautiful photos and join buffee outdoor party”
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“Turtle Lake today used to be the center of ancient Saigon Gia Dinh, long time ago. Before the year 1975, the South Vietnam government of President Nguyen Van Thieu decided to build Turtle Lake in 1967. There are many different mysterious stories about his decision. However, all of them have some similar points about a dragon under the ground of Saigon. This story about a Master of Feng shui, he came and told President Nguyen Van Thieu that there was a dragon underground of Saigon. And based on this story, the dragon’s head was under Independence Palace (on Le Duan Street today) and its tail was actually at the location of Turtle Lake today. This Feng shui Master advised that to maintain the ”
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“Nice park area right on the river. Lots of lit up fountains and areas for picnicking. There is a children’s playground nearby as well. Across the street are cafes and restaurants in case you get hungry. Many people run here or bring their families. Good for an evening stroll with a loved one too.”
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“a place you can walk, crowded, with a variety of restaurants, cafes, coffee, mall”
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