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Parques y naturaleza en La Habana

“Surrounded by some of the most beautiful buildings in Havana. From here you can stroll down "El Paseo del Prado". A pedestrian walkway where locals as well as tourist enjoy the scenery. There are numerous bars anan spend your evening relaxing and taking in the ambiance of this metropolitan city.”
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“A few museums around this plaza will help you understand Havana during colonial times. ”
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“A bit outside of Havana locals go for a picknick or horseback riding. There is also a small amusement park for smaller children. ”
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“This beach is great, very recommended if you want to visit the beach while in Havana. ”
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“It is a forest in the same Havana, in the outskirts where it seems that time has stopped with that vegetation and those trees so characteristic and typical of the area, really a good place to rest, make some good photos and relax from the hustle and bustle of the city. Address: Almendares River and 23 Avenue, Havana, Cuba.”
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“The John Lennon park is a beautiful place to relax. There is a sculpture of John Lennon on one of the benches - a great place to take a selfie with the former Beatles member. The park is easly reachable with 5 minutes walking from our place. ”
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“Great place to go with children on weekends. Minigolf, horse riding, play ground...”
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“Main Ice cream shop in cuba, located in the main corner of Havana 23 and L. The Iceam here are sold in Cuban Pesos.”
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“Address: Carretera El Rocío Km 3 1/2, Calabazar. Description: If you're interested in a huge variety of tropical and subtropical trees, this is worth a visit. There are trees from Cuba, Central and South America, Africa, and Asia. You will find three pavilions containing smaller plants: one for desert plants, and two with jungle plants. There are guides with a lot of knowlegeable. It takes 30 minutes from Vedado to reach The tropical garden.”
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“Areas verdes para hacer picnic, jugar, tomar aire, hacer ejercicios. Green areas to picnic, play, take a breath, exercise.”
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“Parque con conexión wifi y rodeado por las tiendas del centro de La Habana. (Park with wifi connection and sorrounded by the Havana center stores) ”
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“In 1939 US novelist Ernest Hemingway rented a villa called Finca la Vigía on a hill at San Francisco de Paula, 15km southeast of central Havana. A year later he bought the house (1888) and property and lived there continuously until 1960, when he moved back to the US . The villa’s interior has remained unchanged since the day Hemingway left (there are lots of stuffed trophies), and the wooded estate is now a museum. Hemingway left his house and its contents to the ‘Cuban people,’ and his house has been the stimulus for some rare shows of US -Cuban cooperation. To prevent the pilfering of objects, visitors are not allowed inside the house, but there are enough open doors and windows.”
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Jardín de esculturas
“Take the little boat in avenida del puerto (lancha), cross the bay to Casablanca, climb the steps and go watch the nicest panorama of the city. The place to take the boat is very near the casa. You also can complete with a stop to Regla, sanctuary of Yemaya.”
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“Peaceful and beautiful pedestrian walk separating Old Havana and Centro Habana. ”
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“Coppelia is an ice cream parlor chain in Cuba. Coppelia is state-run and sells in both Cuban pesos (CUP) and Cuban convertible pesos (CUC). ”
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“Se hacen excursiones donde se pueden ver a los animales vivir en un entorno similar al de ellos. Ideal para un paseo familiar y con niños.”
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