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Renta y reparación de coches en Haarlem

Science Museum
“This is the museum on art & science, it shows paintings and prints to fossils & scientific instruments.”
153recomendaciones de los habitantes
“Local brewery in a former church. Really good award winning craft beers and delicious food. ”
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Museo de arte
“Gallery in a 17th-century building dedicated to portrait painter Frans Hals & the Dutch Old Masters. The building and street itself is worth making a detour.”
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“You can find all the shops there, even a mall. A great place if you want to go for shopping, way less crowded than Amsterdam. ”
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Foro musical
“Concert Hall and nightlife venue for dancing and partying all night long. Did you know the floor could vibrate on the jumping of the audience?!”
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“The biggest church of the Netherlands with, once, the biggest pipe organ of the world.”
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Natural Feature
“SUMMERTIP! (starting end of April until end of September). This is our beach spot in Haarlem, created in an old factory! Right on the riverside. Terrace in the sand, well known for their tasty pizza’s. Very laidback&vintagestyle.”
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“18th-century riverside windmill with scenic views, an educational museum & guided tours.”
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Tienda de ropa
“Haarlem's city centre! Find the hidden gems in the small streets around, or go for the International chains like Zara, Costes or H&M.”
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Restaurante especializado en carnes
“Famous Dutch steak House. Just order the steak and fries, it is a local hotspot”
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Restaurante francés
“Good French food for a good price. The classics. It is one of the few restaurants which serve dinner until late. Most restaurants in the Netherlands close their kitchen at 21:30. ”
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Organic Grocery
“Supermarket, bit more expensive because it only sells biological food and drinks”
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“Italian winebar with great food and wines. Great service they provide free water next to your wine. But also perfect if you prefer beer, or even Ginger tea (personal recommendation :)”
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“To explore even more of Haarlem’s market life, then the Saturday market on nearby Botermarkt is also a favourite with the locals and offers a more intimate market experience than its more well-known neighbour.”
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History Museum
“about the history of Psychiatry in the historical building "Pest-House" of Haarlem”
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“You missed out on the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam? Don't worry, we have our own Corrie ten Boom museum in the center of Haarlem, where you can have (English) guided visits in the original house where they kept the jewish families. Reservation recommended. ”
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