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Best things to do in Groningen

Museo de arte
“Outstanding changing art exhibitions , makes visiting Groningen worthwhile”
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“You can clim the tower and you will have a wonderfull view over the city. Tickets for sale at the VVV (Tourist Information) at the Grote Markt, for only a few euro's.”
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“Best place in the city for chilling with just a blanket and a bottle of wine. I love to watch people and chat with my friends over here. ”
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“great place for a stone oven baked pizza. Really popular with students because of their low prices. Great outdoor area. ”
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“one the best shopping streets in the Netherlands, with quirky boutiques and small concept stores: from clothes to presents and delis”
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“Only bar in the world with a Robot Arm behind the bar, there is also a great wine bar, restaurant and cocktailbar in the same building. Great atmosphere and hotspot in town!”
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Centro comercial
“The city Groningen is living and the most beautiful city in the Netherlands. It is only 20 minutes by car!”
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“You like to listen to new music bands ? or see some balet or a movie ? go to de Oosterpoort or to the centrum of Groningen and you'll find millions things to do!”
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“brilliant market. try the fish stands and stop for delicious kibbeling to eat on the spot or try the raw herring, dutch style!”
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“Just walk around the city center, any direction you take from this point on will be fun to see. The town has a unique quality I feel as it is old and new at the same time. The way the city is set up is terrific (I always compare it to an union- as it has all these perfect layers that you can peel off and wherever you are, you're always within a certain range from the city all leads back to the Grote Markt).”
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“The other best bar in Groningen for drinks is surely De Pintelier, which was not only voted best bar of the city but also the second best bar of the Netherlands. It features a wide selection of Belgian beers (I grudgingly admit their superiority) and is absolutely wonderful for atmosphere. Of course, being that famous, it’s often incredibly crowded. If you should go here and it’s full, you’ll be happy to know that the other bars close by are good as well.”
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“especially on Friday and Saturday an extensive food market. famous for fresh fish, dutch cheese, meat and vegetables.”
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Men's Store
“especially shops with unique and special products. High fashion, material for jewelry and books”
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“Overdekt zwembad en in de winter ook overdekt schaatsen. Indoor swimming, and in winter also indoor skating.”
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“If you have some time in Groningen and like walking, also try the Stadspark.”
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Point of Interest
“Prachtig klassiek theater in de Groninger binnenstad. Werkt samen met theater de Oosterpoort Beautiful, classical theatre in downtown Groningen, collaborating with Oosterpoort theatre”
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