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“A must do whilst in Apollo Bay and only a couple of minutes drive from the property and its free. You get a beautiful view of the whole bay and it is an excellent spot for panoramic photos. Drive to the top of the hill, park your car and have an easy short walk the rest of the way along a meandering path. Anytime of day is good to go but sunset when you can see the twinkling lights of apollo bay is my favourite. Please note there are no rubbish bins or toilets on this private site please take any rubbish home with you. ”
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“There is a twice daily bus outside the Visitor Information Centre that goes from Geelong to Apollo Bay. You can use this bus to get to different destinations along the great ocean road, eg. shopping in Lorne for a day! Bus tickets can be purchased from the Visitor Information Centre. There are connections to Melbourne trains from Geelong railway station.”
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“Just past Apollo Bay, off the world famous Great Ocean Road, Marengo Reefs Marine Sanctuary protects 12ha of ocean waters. About 150m offshore, this sanctuary protects a reef system known as Little Henty Reef. Two sections of the reef, the inner and outer reef, are usually exposed and separated by a narrow channel known as 'The Gap'. Composed of sandstone they support wonderful intertidal and subtidal reefs which are packed with sea life. Visitors exploring the intertidal reef may come across many invertebrates including sea snails, tubeworms and abalone. In slightly deeper waters there are beautiful seaweed gardens.”
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“This great little 9 hole golf course is a challeng at the best of times and the weather can add a different perspective any day you choose to play. Even if golf isn't your game, walks around the edge are enhanced by the stunning views out to the ocean and surrounding mountains. Well worth a visit.”
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“The great ocean walk is a hiking trail that spans approx 100km and starts in Apollo Bay and finishes at the 12 Apostles. It is an amazing experience where you can take in truly breathtaking scenery from windswept clifftops, ocean beaches, stunning forests, national parks and coastal grasslands. ”
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“What an amazing walk. Chat to us at Southern Anchorage about looking after your GOW experience- all 100 odd kms. Perfect for the hiker- with choices of long or short day hikes. We also have groups or singles walking for a day or a walk- we can tailor a package for you.”
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“Snorkel and see the rainbow fish or delight in the seals basking on the nearby reef. Play on the beach or enjoy a stroll along the rock ledge.”
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“Enjoy the beautiful open and clean beach, awarded in the Top 10 beaches in Australia.”
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Surf Spot
“This is located on the main swimming beach and is patrolled by the local Apollo Bay Surf Life Saving Club during the summer holidays. Only a short walk from Villa St Martin!”
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