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Best things to do in Glenwood Springs

Point of Interest
“Great place to take the family and enjoy swimming while it is snowing in the winter, or to hang out by the pool and the waterslide on a hot day! Locker rooms and an on site grill with pretty decent food. Gift shop as well!”
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Theme Park
“Excellent and unique way to enjoy local caves, fantastic amusement park, breathtaking scenery and all around fun for the entire family, all set in a western themed park with a scenic tram ride to the top.”
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Hot Spring
“Great spot a little more secluded than the big pool. Ask me about a discount”
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Restaurante especializado en carnes
“I've eaten there many many times over the years. It's always fabulous food. Loud for me but most people are used to load restaurants. Easy to walk to on 7th street. Great owners. ”
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“Fancier food, but don't need to dress up. Great place for pairing wines and beers.”
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“Best Show in town and good food from all around downtown. I promise you will laugh the whole time. Ask about a discount”
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Tienda de donas
“No visit to Glenwood is complete without a donut run to Sweet Coloradough. Don't leave without a fritter (they're legendary!).”
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“Something for everyone, good for family and priced right. It's not just a brewery there is dinning for families ”
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“Whoa! This place is small, but packs a punch. Speciality Tacos that you've never had before.”
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“BBQ where everything is smoked. Great For kids with lots of Sauces and Crazy Good Mac and Cheese.”
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“We've all seen the movie Tombstone. Well Doc Holliday was buried here in Glenwood Springs, and there is a short hike right from town that takes you up to his grave.”
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Restaurante de mariscos
“Only place in town to sit next to the River. I suggest Breakfast or Brunch.”
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“Organic Burger Joint with some interesting twists on burgers. Try the salads too.”
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“One of a kind, underground caves, very hot natural sauna. The Ute Indians would spend time there in the 1800's. ”
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Natural Feature
“Fantastic small-town amusement park with world-class amenities-- incredible views, and lots of fun for all ages.”
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