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Lugares emblemáticos en Garbatella

Sitio histórico
“The catacombs of St.Callixtus are among the greatest and most important of Rome. They originated about the middle of the second century and are part of a cemeterial complex. In it were buried tens of martyrs, 16 popes and very many Christians.”
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Monumento / Lugar emblemático
“Catacomb dedicated to the martyr Domitilla, of the Flavi family, persecuted in the fourth century because they were Christians. It is rich in rock paintings of unparalleled beauty.”
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Monumento / Lugar emblemático
“only two stops from the "Marconi" station (three minutes). If you leave the station you are immediately in front of the pyramid of Caius Cestius otherwise you can get off and change to the train that leads to the train station Roma Termini or to San Pietro (here also start and arrive the trains to Fiumicino airport. alternatively you can take here the train which leads to the sea of Ostia city.”
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Sitio histórico
“Franked by green fileds and umbrella pine trees. Via appia antica the queen of acient roads, has a morbid story - Spartacusa was crucified here and the ealy Christians buried dead in the catacombs.”
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Sitio histórico
“Una delle più antiche Porte dell'era di Aurelio, conservata magnificamente ospita uno spettacolare museo ed offre la possibilità di passeggiare sulle mura stesse.”
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